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  Online Quran tutor, due to the Coronavirus, there have become many difficulties in moving around and going to schools and institutes, including schools and institutes for memorizing the Holy Quran, but through our website, everything has become easy and accessible.  

How to learn the Quran on rattilonline

rattilonline starts with students, starting with listening to the Holy Quran with the voice of many famous reciters of the Noble Quran in the Arab and Islamic world and continuing reading with listening to improve pronunciation and correct reading of the verses of the Holy Quran, then memorizing and reviewing the Quran and learning about the interpretation of the Quran verses and simply listening to them through Mobile phones, while you are sitting in your house or walking or driving cars, some sites provide teachers and reviewers for students to memorize the Quran and give them certificates and licenses in the Qur’an with the seven readings.   It is worth noting that through rattilonline you listen to the most beautiful interpretations of the Noble Quran and you can read the Quran and interpretations or listen to them verbally, meaning if you drive Arabic or you walk away, you can listen to the Quran and tafsir from more than the source of the facilitated tafsir and the Saadi tafsir by reading Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sabhan And by the recitation of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Ahmad, Tafsir Al-Jalalain, and Tafsir Al-Sarraj in Gharib Al-Quran, recited by Sheikh Amr Al-Basmati.  

Online Quran tutor

rattilonline allows students to listen to the Holy Quran in the voice of a number of Egyptian and Arab readers in the Arab world, including Sheikh Abd al-Basit Abd al-Samad Tajweed and Tartel, the sheikhs Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi, Muhammad Mahmoud al-Tablawi, Mahmoud al-Banna, Mahmoud Khalil al-Husri, Mashari Rashid al-Afasy, Ahmad Nuinaa, Ali al-Hudhaifi, Ibrahim al-Akhdar, Ahmad al-Ajami, Adel al-Kabbani, and Abd Al-Bary Al-Thabiti, Abdullah Al-Matroud, Abdullah Basfar, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qasim, Abdul-Wadud Maqbool Hanif, Ali Abdullah Jaber, Ali Al-Sweisi, Muhammad Ayyub, Muhammad Jibril, Muhammad Abdel Karim, Mustafa Ismail, Saad Al-Ghamdi, Hani Al-Rifai, and some of them with different recitation accounts of the seven readings.   rattilonline also provides the opportunity to memorize, review and listen to the Holy Quran while reading the verses while listening, which improves reading and makes the person improve his pronunciation of the verses correctly by continuing reading while listening to their recitation and recitation from the great reciters of the Holy Quran.   There is no doubt that the Quran provides an opportunity to establish memorization by providing tests to remind verses of writing them online and giving marks on memorization. It also allows by registering an account on the site to know and review what you have memorized to know the extent of your progress in memorization The Holy Quran.  

A site for memorizing the Quran online

rattilonline has applications available on mobile devices, whether on the Android or iPhone system, and the site provides the Holy Quran in English next to the Arabic language.  

A site for memorizing the Noble Quran in all languages

rattilonline is one of the well-organized sites from its main interface. The Holy Quran provides 17 international languages ​​next to Arabic, French, Persian, Hindi, Kurdish, Kurdish, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Indonesian.   rattilonline allows memorization and recitation of verses during memorization, which contributes to confirming and confirming memorization, which is one of the most important features of the site. It also allows listening to the Quran also with the voice of a number of famous readers in Egypt and the world and with more than one reading from the well-known readings of the Quran, whether it is Hafs’s narration from Asim or Warsh’s novel by Naifeh or a novel gallon.  

Online Quran teacher

rattilonline is one of the fun sites. The site displays in bright colors and a wonderful arrangement for its followers, how to easily browse the Holy Quran, and choose specific surahs and verses from each verse. To facilitate conservation.  

How to learn Quran online

rattilonline allows listening to a live broadcast of the Holy Quran Radio, as well as listening to the most famous recordings of the Quran from the most famous Egyptian readers. Through the site, you can refer to the external broadcasts that the radio has transmitted from the various mosques of Egypt, whether in Friday prayers, dawn prayers, or religious evenings, where the history of the radio and the kitchens are shown in it. They recited the call to prayer, the rhetoric, the presenter, and the place of the evening. The site displays the most important religious programs and fatwas recorded on the radio by senior sheikhs.  

Methods of memorizing the Quran for foreigners

rattilonline displays from its main interface the most important Sheikhs reciters of the Noble Quran and allows you with a simple click to go to the Quran library to listen to them, most of them are from the sheikhs of the Gulf, Sudan, and Mauritania in addition to Egypt.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog  

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