Chapter 10/ Prophet Muhammad H () 
Most of the Quraysh used to send their newborn children to the desert. There they would spend their early childhood with a Bedouin family. 
This gave the children good health. It kept them away from the crowded city. This also helped them to learn the pure Arabic language. According to the custom of the Arab nobles, the Prophet () was 
given into the care of Lady Haleemah Sa’diyyah. 
Haleemah took it upon herself to suckle Muhammad 
() and raise him. 
She would come to Makkah twice a year so that 
Muhammad () could meet his mother and grandfather
suckled him for two years and he remained with her for four years. He tended sheep as soon as he was old enough to walk and learned the ways of the desert. He brought great good fortune to his foster parents. 
His mother Aminah called him back to Makkah at the end of four years. When he was six, his mother took him to Yathrib (Madinah), where his father died
But Aminah herself fell ill and died on her way back 
to Makkah at Abwa, a place between Madinah and Makkah. 
Chapter 17/ Prophet Muhammad H () 

  1. Answer the following questions. 

1. Who was Haleemah Sa’diyyah? 

  1. For how many years did Prophet Muhammad (  ) 

remain with Haleemah Sa’diyyah? 

  1. Find these words in the grid below. 

Prophet Muhammad () 
Allah’s Messenger () now came under the care of his grandfather Abdul-Muttalib. Abdul-Muttalib 
was eighty years old then. He was the head of the 
Hashimi clan. 
Abdul-Muttalib loved his little grandson very much. He 
kept the boy with him as he 
rested in the shadow of the 
Ka’bah. Here the two of them could watch the world go by. 
When the boy was eight years old, Abdul-Muttalib 
died. Now the Prophet () came under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. Abdul-Muttalib was wise enough to give him to the care of Abu Talib because he and the Prophet’s father Abdullah were born of the same mother. 
Prophet Muhammad () 
Abu Talib took special care of his nephew. He held him dearer than his own sons. He made him sleep on his own bed. When the Prophet ( ) was twelve years old, Abu Talib planned to go with a trade caravan to Syria. Abu Talib took him along to Syria. 
When the caravan reached Busra (a part of Syria), 
a Christian monk named Bahira saw the phet 
( ). Bahira was learned and wise. He recognized 
Muhammad ( ) as the Last Prophet. 
He told Abu Talib that his nephew was set to become a Prophet. He advised Abu Talib to look after him with special care. 
Prophet Muhammad H () 
^ £ 

  1. Name the following relatives of the 

 Prophet Muhommod ( ) 
1 . Grandfather 

  1. Father 


  1. Mother 


  1. Wet nurse 


  1. Uncle 


  1. Complete these sentences. 

1. The Prophet’s father was 

  1. The Prophet (^) was born in 


  1. The Prophet’s father died in 


  1. Busra is in 


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