Chapter 11 
Prophet Muhammad (4) 
recognized Muhammad) as the Last Prophet. 
Chapter 19 /The Prophet’s Kindness (1 ) 

One day Allah’s Messenger () was alone in the 
Muslim camp close to the ba ground. 
He lay down to rest in the shade of a tree and fell asleep
A man from the enemy came along by chance. 
Seeing the Prophet () 
asleep and alone, he quietly removed the Prophet’s sword from its cover and raised it over him. 
Just then the Prophet () woke up. 
The man asked, ‘O Muhammad! 
Who will save you from me now?’ 
The Prophet ( ) calmly replied, ‘Allah!’ 
Hearing the Prophet’s reply, the man trembled with fear, and the sword fell down from his hand. 
Chapter 19/the Prophet’s Kindness (1) 
The Prophet ( ) picked up the sword and asked 
the man, ‘Now who will save you from me?’ 
The man had no answer. 
The Prophet ( ) let the mango. 

  1. ^ Complete the story. 

Allah’s Messenger ( ^ ) lay down to…….. in 
the shade of a ……..and fell asleep. 
A man from the enemy comes along by chance. 
He said, ‘O Muhammad! Who will save you from me now?’ 
The Prophet () calmly replied,
Chapter 19 /The Prophet’s Kindness () 

  1. the story teaches me. 

The Messenger of Allah () had trust in Allah and that made him a very brave man. 

  1. The Messenger of Allah () was very kind and forgiving even towards people who were mean and unkind to him. 

Search for the underlined words mentioned above in the grid below
Chapter 19
The Prophet () always served food to his guests. 
He entertained both Muslims and non-Muslims at his house. He served them himself. 
Once the Prophet () gave a guest all the food in his house while he and his family went hungry. 
Another time a man came to the Prophet’s house as a guest. This man was not yet a Muslim. 
The Prophet () served him goat milk and the guest drank all the milk. The Prophet () gave him more milk, and then some more until the man had drunk the milk of six goats. The Prophet () continued to serve him. 

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