How to memorize Juz Amma, the beginning of Juz Amma consists of thirty-seven surahs, and most of the chapters in this section have short verses.

Therefore, it is easy to memorize the verses of the surahs, and after memorizing a part of the surahs at the beginning.

One must read the surah well and understand its meanings until the mind understands it and understands it well and Not reading quickly.

And the preservation capacity varies from person to person, as some people are able to memorize the wall of this part within a week, some in two weeks, and others in three weeks.

How to memorize Juz Amma
How to memorize Juz Amma

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How to memorize Juz Amma

To memorize the surahs of Juz Amma, as we mentioned, we read the surah well and the surah is read two or three times, then the surah is divided into two parts, where it is divided into two days, in order to memorize the surah in two days.

This method ensures that what has been memorized is not forgotten, and the aim of memorization is to be in place of the heart and mind.

And to memorize a part of what a table is set up in order to memorize and divide the surahs according to what one deems appropriate for him, and upon initiation of memorization.

The verse is read approximately ten times and is pronounced correctly and

it is preferable to listen to a recorded section with a reciting voice of the

Holy Quran.

The verse is wanted until it is confirmed that it has been memorized, and

after memorizing the first section.

If there is another person who can hear what you have memorized, it is

better and better until you are sure that there is no room for error in

memorizing the verses.

How to memorize Juz Amma
How to memorize Juz Amma

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And if there is no person, you can write what you have memorized on the

notebook so that you can make sure that you memorized it, and after

memorizing the other passage and negating the same way, the entire surah

is recited.

Thus, you will have been able to memorize, and there is a schedule for

preserving the surahs of Juzu Amma.

Which was named so because it began with the verse (Unmasked) in Surat

Al-Naba ‘.

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