How do I memorize the Quran without forgetting, there is no doubt that memorizing the Noble Quran is a Sunnah on the authority of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and that the keeper of the Noble Quran has a great reward from Allah Almighty.

Therefore, many Muslims strive to memorize the Quran in pursuit of reward from Allah Almighty and in pursuit of his approval.

But a person may find that he has forgotten some verses or their beginnings or ends with the passage of time and advancing in old age, which is a natural thing, as forgetting is a characteristic of a person.

Nevertheless, by following these advice, a person can preserve what he has memorized from the verses of the Book of Allah Almighty.

How do I memorize the Quran without forgetting
How do I memorize the Quran without forgetting

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How do I memorize the Quran without forgetting


The most beloved deeds to Allah are permanent, even if this work is a little, then a permanent little is better than a lot that is interrupted, and that is why one of the ways and means to memorize the Noble Quran and not to forget it is to persist in memorizing and reviewing, and you can allocate a specific time for memorization and another for revision.

How do I memorize the Quran without forgetting
How do I memorize the Quran without forgetting

It is important here that you do not put pressure on your nerves and overwork yourself, instead of the time allotted for preservation being 4 hours a day, for example, you can reduce it by making it two hours for four days a week so that there is room for your memory to work better.

You can devote the remaining three days of the week to reviewing what you have previously memorized. It is also important to start by memorizing a few verses and then expand gradually, as Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, has been included in the legislation with the compassion of man.

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Continuous review

As mentioned above, forgetfulness is a natural and innate matter in

humans, and the best and best way to avoid forgetting is a continuous

review, and you can review what you memorized daily or on specific days

of the week.

You can choose the method that suits you best in reviewing, but it is

preferable when reviewing to recite the verses that you memorized in

order and link them to what was before and after them.

Then review it in the form of separate passages, and make sure when

reviewing that you focus on the beginnings of the verses, their ends, and

the very similar verses.

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