How do I memorize the amma in a week, from the complete facilitation of Allah Almighty?

It is no secret to you that this language is the strongest and most capable language to contain meanings and to show rhetoric in its most beautiful form, for it is a comprehensive and comprehensive language.

Therefore, it is easy for us Muslims, Arabs in particular, to read the Noble Quran, understand its meanings, and memorize it.

In this article, we will talk about how to memorize the last part of the parts of the Holy Quran, which is part of what.

How do I memorize the amma in a week
How do I memorize the amma in a week

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How do I memorize the amma in a week

How to memorize Juz Amma

Before starting to memorize any surah or part of the Noble Quran, you must conclude the intention of Allah Almighty in memorizing.

So the goal is not to seek reputation or hypocrisy in front of people that you are one of the memoris of the Quran.

Because among the people of Hell is a man who learned the Quran to be told to be a reciter, and his intention was not Allah Almighty And so much.

Likewise, the one who wants to memorize the Quran must remember that the Quran is easy to memorize and quickly escapes from man.

So he must pledge to work and renew memorization.

The number of pages of Juzu Amma is 23 pages, as it is in most of the Quran printed in our hands.

Such as the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran – Madinah.

How do I memorize the amma in a week
How do I memorize the amma in a week

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The part begins with Surat al-Naba (What they are wondering) and ends

with Surah (The People).

If we divide these pages over a week, there will be 3 pages per day and part

of the page – half a page.

For example – and thus you will be able to finish memorizing within a week

in addition to confirming memorization.

Try to memorize the surahs with understanding, and this understanding is

through knowing the interpretation of the surahs and the meanings of the

words and phrases.

So with a sound understanding, the memorization process will be much


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