Hijri months and the Islamic calendar

  Hijri months are also called Islamic months that consist of twelve months. Muslims all over the world follow the Islamic calendar. Each month of these Hijri months contains 29 or 30 days.

What are the names of these Hijri months?

1.Muharram: which is the first Month of these Hijri months. 2.Safar. 3.Rabi ul Awwal when our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born and died. 4.Rabi ul Thani. 5.Jumada al Awwal. 6.Jumada al Thani. 7.Rajab. 8.Shabaan. 9.Ramadan when all Muslims fast and when Allah revealed his great book _The Holy Quran_ on his Messenger Muhammad (SAW). 10.Shawal when Eid Ul Fitr is held. 11.Dhul qi’dah. 12.And Dhul Hijjah. It is important to say that, in the Hijri month Dhul Hijjah Muslims have 2 adorable occasions which are Eid Ul Adha on the 10th day of it, and Hajj that is performed in this great month. The first one who introduced this Hijri calendar is Omar Ibn el Khattab (He is one of our Prophet followers). What is the secret behind this name? These months are called Hijri months as it began with the Hijrah which is the migration of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) from Mecca to Madinah. Islamic months and their importance: As we know, all Muslims’ occasions are related to the Hijri months as Ramadan. Eid Ul Fitr, Eid Ul Adha, and Isra’ wal Mi’raj which is the night of journey and ascension. It is better to use Hijri months but actually most Muslims refer to the Christian calendar for most dates and consult the Hijri one only for religious occasions.

Some meanings and blessings of Hijri months:

1. Muharram:

Muharram is an Arabic word which means “forbidden”. Fighting in this Month is Forbidden.
2. Safar:
Also, an Arabic word which means “whistling of the wind” as when this Month was named it was a windy time (we have to say that months are shifted nearly 11 days every the year which means it is not necessary to be windy at the time of Safar).
3. Rabi al Awwal:
The word Rabi means spring, so Rabi Al Awwal means “first month of Spring”.
4. Rabi al Thani:
It is the second month of Spring.
5. Jumada Al Awwal:
Jumada means “Dry”, so, Jumada Al Awwal means “the the first month of Summer”.
6. Jumada Al Thani:
It is the second month of Summer.
7. Rajab:
Comes from the Arabic word Rajaba which means “to respect”. This Month is one of the months when fighting is forbidden.
8. Shaban:
It is derived from the Arabic word “Shu’ba” which means a branch, as Arabs used to branch out in this Month in order to look for water.
9. Ramadan:
Derived from the Arabic word “Ramadha” which means “extreme heat.” As we knew before, it is the month of fasting. 10. Shawwal: From “Shala” it means “when the female camel gets pregnant at this time”. The first day of this month is Eid Ul Fitr when all of our sins will be forgiven as a reward from Allah due to fasting Ramadan.
11. Dhul Qi’dah:
Comes from Qa’da which means to sit. The third month when Allah Almighty has forbidden fighting.
12. Dhul Hijjah:
Hajj means Pilgrimage. It is the last month in which Allah has forbidden fighting. See More : Ramadan Duas and their specified times

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