Sujood meaning and its great benefits

  Sujood meaning will be clear when we know that “Sujood” is an Arabic word which means prostration to God Almighty. And we are here to know Sujood meaning. In Sujood a Muslim places his forehead on the ground towards the direction of Qibla. Sujood also may be described as “one of the main pillars of our prayers, whether it is obligatory or Nafl prayer.” Sujood in our prayers is considered the closest position to Allah as said by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW): “Akrab ma yakoon alabd lerabeh wahwa sajed f akthero al Dua’”. In this Hadith, our beloved Prophet asks his people to intensify their Dua in Sujood as it is the closest position to Allah. In our Sujood we have to repeat this phrase “Subhana Rabi Al A’la” to imitate our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The meaning of this phrase is “Allah is the most high, and all glorification is only for him.”, this phrase also shows Sujood meaning. How to prostrate? Sujood has a special format which must be imitated by all worshipers. On knowing Sujood meaning we have to know more about this special format which was described by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he said: ““I have been ordered to prostrate on seven bones i.e. on the forehead along with the tip of the nose and the Prophet pointed towards his nose, both hands, both knees and the toes of both feet and not to gather the clothes or the hair.” (it was narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). This Hadith shows Sujood meaning by explaining the ideal format for Sujood. This format consists of 7 bones of the body which are, the bone of the forehead with the nose , the bone of the hands, knees, and feet each. In this position one has to leave his soul, his mind, and all of his body to the great creator to ask him what he needs. Allah knows all secrets and all publicity, but he loves listening to his servants asking him for their needs. What are the benefits of Sujood? Anything that Allah has commanded us has benefits, and Sujood is one of these things. Also see : How to pray Tahajjud and relax your heart
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