Description of Jannah

Every beginning must have an end. And Jannah is the best end for believers. Description of Jannah gives us a chance to find everything we dream, everything we love, and everything we loved but can’t get in the world. And Allah promised us with Jannah if we obey his rules, and We all hope to spend our hereafter there. Here, we will know description of Jannah as mentioned in the Quran, and sunnah. Upon describing it, one will find that Jannah is full of endless surprises. Description of Jannah is beyond imagination, and any trial for describing it is used to give an idea of what it would be like. Upon putting your first steps in Jannah, you will get complete comfort, and complete happiness, and you will also forget all days full of pain. You will see the angels standing guard opening the door for you to enter saying salam.

How it looks from the outside?

When we enter Jannah insha’allah, and look at it from the outside, we will find out that its width is as big as the heavens and the earth, walls made from gold and silver bricks and the ground will be saffron, rubies, and gems. The soil of its ground has the smell of amber, and there are 4 rivers in Jannah which are: milk, honey, wine, and water. It will be different from any description of Jannah we have heard about in the world.

What about foods and drinks?

Everything you need will be in front of you. On description of Jannah, you have to know that there will be no heat nor cold, there is only shade on you, and branches of all types of fruits that you can pick easily. As being in your kingdom, there will be young boys who do their best to serve you. These young boys serve you wine, but the wine there will not be as the wine here. As it doesn’t make any intoxication, or headache. You will hear music, but of course this music is not as the music of this world. You will be lucky if you go to Jannah, there you will find hawd al kawther, prophet Muhammad will be standing there to give you drinks. While presence in Jannah, you will hear a voice calling “Oh, people of Jannah!, Allah promised you and he wants to fulfill his promise” It is the sight of Allah! Is there anything greater than this? Another voice appears saying “you have another promise from Allah, You will live here forever, you will never die, you will never be sick, you will stay young, here there is only delight and no sadness.

Is the clothes of Jannah different from those we are used to?

Of course, it is totally different. You will hear silk clothes, if you need anything that comes to your mind it will be in front of your eyes without speaking or voicing it. So, make the Jannah you target, and work hard to get it.

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