7 secrets behind Surah Fatiha benefits

What is Surah Fatiha?

Surah Fatiha It is considered one of the most powerful surahs in the Quran. It came down in Mecca, which means it was before the migration of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Mecca to Madinah, and due to its greatness we have to know about surah Fatiha benefits. This great surah Fatiha has a great meaning that is “the opening”, which is the opening and the start of the holy Quran.  this Surah  contain only 7 Ayats, but it has a role in veneration of Allah and asking Allah to maintain the right path for us. It is also called Ummul ketab, and a conversation with Allah.

Many of surah Fatiha benefits:

One has to know this surah benefits, to keep reciting it. And to sense this, try to recite it when you need healing for your soul (rooh).

If we would like to know surah Fatiha benefits we mention:

● This great surah is called as-Shefa, as it cures the disease. ● It is the best guidance if you suffer from poverty, just recite it, and sense its meanings to get its benefits. ● this surah protects us against any fear, and against evil eyes. ● Teach us more about Allah these Surah  benefits are not finished, but there are many other benefits that we have to know about.

There are 7 secrets behind it:

1.It is considered the greatest chapter in the Quran: We knew that from Sahih al Bukhari, when prophet Muhammad said that he will teach the greatest chapter in the Quran, it was surah Fatiha. 2.Main basis for prayer: According to sunnah, any prayer without reciting surah Fatiha, it will become an invalid prayer. 3.It is a cure for the disease: 4.One of the two lights from Heaven: There are 2 lights that came from Heaven, one of them is surah Fatiha, and the other is surah Baqarah. 5. Called the mother of the Quran: 6.It is the Seven often repeated verses: 7.Can also cure the heart: As it has to be recited in every kneel, so it can protect you against misguidance. The most we can talk about is that reciting doesn’t mean reading only, but it means that you read with your heart not only with your tongue, and sense meanings of Ayaat. If we can say that doctors can heal wounds, this surah  can heal your soul. This surah cures the evil eye in addition to soul diseases. Many Muslims use this great surah in their prayer, they recite it at every kneel, till it becomes part of their daily life.
Surah Fatiha for problems:
It can help you to solve your problems, as it strengthens the bond between you and Allah. After all of this, if you have a child, the first surah that must be taught to him is fatehatu elketab . And also you have to teach him the benefits of this surah. We truly have to thank Allah for the mother of the Quran. Upon learning more about surah Fatiha benefits, we will never stop reciting it see More : Surah Kahf and its benefits

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