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  Learn the Quran for kids is an important step if we start early. As upon growing old, this will be difficult. Any parents having children work hard to make their life easy, and facilitate everything for them starting from food, clothes, and education. To make them better and win the hereafter, you have to provide islamic education for them and learn Quran for kids, sunnah, and everything about Allah. Many children memorize the Quran at or below the age of 12, due to the ability of their brain to receive, and store more than the adult brain. As we all know that “teaching in childhood is like engraving on stone”, so the earlier you begin, the more they remember. Of course, they have to learn tajweed that will be stored in their brain for the rest of their life.

What are the benefits of learning Quran for kids:

There are unlimited benefits, but here we will mention some of them:

● Better understanding of islam:

As we know, Quran is the best source for understanding islam and the greatness of God as the Quran is the word of Allah. Learn Quran for kids helps you to make your child a true muslim.

● True information about Allah and Islam:

This early age is the best time to store information and constants in minds, as minds are still pure and memory is strong. So, this acknowledgment will last forever.
● Forming a strong bond between parents and their children:
By memorizing them the Quran, and allocating your time.

Methods of learning Quran for kids:

There are 4 main methods for the best results
1. Parents can teach their children:
If you have time, have the ability to recite Quran with tajweed, and know verses meanings, so this method will help you.

2. Islamic center or near mosque:

Presence of a center near you that concerns how to learn Quran for kids, is a golden opportunity to start educating your child with the Quran, and also islamic principles.
3. Getting private Quran tutor:
Considered one of the best methods to start learning the Quran, as it saves time and hassles. The only disadvantage of this method, is the high cost.

4. Online Quran courses:

If you don’t have time to memorize your children, not near a mosque, and there is no private Quran tutor, the only solution to learn Quran for kids is online Quran courses. To learn Quran for kids, you have to imagine that you give each of them a lamp to illuminate his way. The Quran is this lamp, so start giving their lamps early, and light his lamp now.

Relation between learning quran and learning Arabic:

This helps kids learn Arabic language in a correct and fast way, especially when they start to know the meanings under the supervision of professional teachers.
There is a bath for the child to learn Quran:
Qaida: It helps the child how to pronounce the word. Tajweed, hifz or memorization, and learning Arabic. See More : How to learn Quran fast

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