Do you know who is the Best man in the world?

Without a doubt, he is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He isn’t only the best man in the World, but he is also the greatest and the most generous man who put his feet on the earth. Prophet Muhammadn was sent by all as the last messenger to us for a specific message. Before starting we have to say that All words can’t describe this great man, and the title “best Man in the World” will not give him his right”. He was born on Monday 9 Rabie’ al Awal. His grandfather (Abdel Mottaleb) named him Muhammad; to be known for the Arabs. Allah sent him as a Mercy to the World. Some haters of Islam tried to destroy his view but they couldn’t do this, and they will not be able to do this as this great man is the messenger of Allah and God protects him. If we ask “who is number 1 in the World?” we’d say that Muhammad (SAW) is. Why is Prophet Muhammad (SAW) considered the best man in the whole World? This great Man didn’t seek the title “Best Man in the World”, but his good qualities have qualified him to get this title. We can mention some of these qualities of Muhammad (SAW):

● Loved peace:

Muhammad (SAW) was in favour of peace (unlike other mens of other religious that encouraged violence and loved it). He also asked their people to solve their problems peacefully without any kind of violence. Our duty as Muslims is to follow him and spread his message.

● This great messenger was very kind to all kids:

To know who is the best man in the world you have to know all about his kindness to children. At the same time he didn’t differentiate between them in treatment. One simple example of this kindness is when the bird of Abu Omair died, he went to him (abu Omair was still a child) and condoled him. He was a great Man with a very kind and pure heart.
● The Holy Quran revealed to him:
The most important characteristic is that the Quran was revealed to him from Allah by his angel (Jibreel Alih al Salam). This great book contains the words of Allah, his orders and prohibitions for all of his believers. This great man changed the life from complete darkness to full light when he spread Islam. For these reasons the title of “best Man in the world” is not fair, and very little for him. Enough pride and honour to be the people of this great, kind, and generous man. It is important for us to follow him, love him, do our best to spread what he had started to do, and don’t give any chance for enemies of Islam to distort his image. If we follow him as it should be, he will be our intercessor on the day of judgement. See More : Taqwa meaning and its benefits

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