10 Quran facts every Muslim has to learn

  10 Quran facts every Muslim has to learn The Holy Quran is the guidance book for all Muslims allover the World. This book is the last Holy book that was sent from Allah to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) through his angel Jibreel Alih el Salam. There are many Quran facts that should be known by all Muslims, to love it more and more. One of these Quran facts is that it contains 114 Surah, each Surah has many verses. The longest Surah is al Baqarah, and the shortest is al kawther. This great book contains all issues that concern Muslims such as political issues, life issues, all about orphans and poor people. We are here to know more about Quran facts.

There are 10 facts about Quran every Muslim have to know.

These facts are:

1. As we said before, this great book contains 114 Surah, and 30 parts. 2. One of the most important Quran facts is that Allah started to reveal this book through Jibreel alih el Salam in the Holy Month of Ramadan. 3. It was revealed within 23 years, 10 years in Madinah, and 13 years in Mecca. 4. Allah rewards for each letter, this reward is multiplied by ten to get more and more rewards upon recitation of the Holy Quran. 5. The longest Surah of those 114 Surahs al Baqarah, and the shortest is al Kawthar. 6. The Holy Quran revealed by Allah to his MessengerMuhammad (SAW), through his angel Jibreel Alih el Salam. 7. When Allah started to reveal the great verses of this great book, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was 40 years old. 8. The meaning of the Quran as a word is that “is being read”. 9. Allah sent Many Prophets for him, and the Holy Quran mentioned 25 Prophets of them. 10. Allah promised that there will be a day of Judgment, on this day we will find an intercessor, this intercessor will be the Quran recitation.

Why is the Quran important?

It is important to know that the Holy Quraan is our guidance book in all aspects of our life. Allah loves his believers to recite the Quran as it contains the word of him; this is one of the most important Quran facts. Reciting the Quran gives you the power to continue your life without problems, and face your difficulties easily. We have to know that this Quran was sent verse by verse, and chapter by chapter; this means it wasn’t sent as a whole. One of the Quran facts is that it is the most truthful speech that was sent in its original language which is an Arabic language. If one promises you to get what you dream, and more than what you dream in exchange with doing something, you will never hesitate. Allah promised us to get rewards from him when we recite the Quran. These rewards are recorded to be used on the day of Judgement. Don’t let the chance of Quran recitation get away and start taking this advantage. Wish Allah make it easy for us to realize more about Quran facts, and help us to recite it to get the benefit! See More : Surah Maun and the Orphan

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