Your way to read and improve the Holy Quran, if you want to master the reading of the Holy Quran and master the science of Tajweed. Here we present the electronic encyclopedia “The Key to Proficiency in Learning the Qur’an”, which is the product of transforming three volumes, “The Key to Proficiency in Learning the Qur’an” to the electronic encyclopedia “The Key to Proficiency in Learning the Qur’an”, using the latest information technology technologies and multimedia from two and three dimensions and the imaginary reality, which contains :

Quran recitation lessons

Lessons: 93 video lessons More than 40 hours of actual training, divided into 1211 videos for easy access to any part of the lessons, which have been integrated and integrated multimedia in an interesting and attractive way. The lessons were performed by a group of scholars of the Islamic world in the science of Tajweed , and revised the exits of letters.

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Your way to read and improve the Holy Quran
Your way to read and improve the Holy Quran

Quran recitation

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Letters exits: displays letters and their attributes in two and three dimensions to see the letter from all directions, and also displays a video to illustrate the movement of the lips.

Training on Juz Amma: by displaying a video of the recitation of the verse and its presentation written with the provisions of intonation in color, with the ability for the user to record his voice and rehear it.

Tests: An integrated system of tests covering all lessons with the opportunity for self-assessment through automatic correction of answers and knowledge of the optimal answer model.

Learn Tajweed online

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The encyclopedia contains three volumes, the key to mastery in learning the Qur’an in an electronic form, with the use of multimedia, to become an interactive book full of live examples.

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