How to Tajweed Quran for beginners, before starting to study some of the rules of intonation for beginners, it should be noted the merits of the science of intonation, as it is one of the noblest and greatest sciences, due to its connection to the most honorable book revealed to people, which is the Noble Qur’an.

Especially the superiority of the words of God Almighty over the words of all human beings, such as His grace, glory be to Him, over all His creation, and what indicates the great merit of learning and teaching the sciences of the Qur’an is what was narrated from the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – that he said: “The best of you are those who learn and teach the Qur’an.”

Among the benefits of teaching the rules of intonation for beginners is to protect their tongues from the melody in the words of the Noble Qur’an, and to win happiness in this world and the hereafter, as Ibn al-Jawzi – may God have mercy on him – said: “He who improves intonation will gain guidance.”

How to Tajweed Quran for beginners

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How to Tajweed Quran for beginners
How to Tajweed Quran for beginners

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Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween


Idgham is defined linguistically as the insertion of something with something, and technically it is defined as the meeting of a consonant letter with another voweled letter so that they become one stressed letter.

True Hide:

In linguistic terms, concealment is defined by concealment, and technically it is defined as the pronouncing of a letter with an adjective between manifestation, and dwarfing without stress, with the ghanna remaining in the first letter, which is the consonant nun or the provision.

Oral concealment:

The oral concealment is called by this name because its letters come out of the lip, and the oral concealment is when the consonant meem meets the letter ba, whether the meem is original or not, like the plural meme, for example.

Oral presentation:

The manifestation is when the consonant meem meets any letter of the alphabet, except for the meem and the baa.

How to Learn Quran online

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Learn Tajweed Quran

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