Who is Professor No’man Ali Khan?
I consider myself fortunate to have found the videos of Mr. No’man in YouTube and found a hidden treasure hidden in a store full of treasures of the Holy Qur’an. He was a dedicated student of the words of God and a learned teacher, distinguished by his style. Since then, my relationship with the Holy Qur’an has been renewed. Understand it in a deeper way, show you the beauty of the meanings of the Qur’an and the miraculous in it, reveals to you how the verses are interconnected and how the themes arise. You dive with him in a surah that you read a thousand times to hear, understand and understand its meaning without feeling that you hear an explanation, but diving into a beautiful world of God’s creation. His beautiful view of the Qur’an stems from an in-depth study of the book of God, a great love of this religion. And make it a personal task for him to work to make the Qur’an settle in the hearts of all people. Especially those who entered Islam and had no knowledge of the Arabic language. His work did not expect people to learn Arabic to love learning the Qur’an but comes with the Qur’an and the beauty of his words and the beautiful organized to them. To link them to this Qur’an in their present and to show them that this Qur’an is the miracle of time and space and that it was never “Legends of the first” but really and wise and scientific.
Glory be to God.
Professor No’man was not at that point from the beginning but was as young as some of the youth of this generation who were Muslims by name. He moved with his parents from his birthplace in Germany to Saudi Arabia where he completed his eighth-grade studies and then emigrated with his parents to the United States. Which shocked him at the start of her shameful opening. But after a period he was accustomed to the system of their lives and influenced by their philosophical teaching which is critical of religions .. Till God gave him friends at the university who were the beginning of his return to Islam. In Ramadan, he joined an interpretation of the Qur’an from a sheik who read the Qur’an in Arabic and then explained to the audience in a simplified way. He understood the Qur’an for the first time despite his previous attempts to read the translations of interpretations that made him feel the loss and lack of connection. And after that, he began to learn Arabic, which was the beginning of his career in diving deep in this great book and the beginning of his career to publishing what was missing the beauty of all people. And I hope that God bless him and bless him in his work and appoint us and him to spread this religion with its beauty and mercy to all people. When he began to learn Arabic, his passion for the Qur’an increased. He discovered a beauty he had been missing for years and became obsessed with learning and studying the great verses of the Book. He began his project “Bayinah” to teach Arabic and teaching the words of the Holy Qur’an in 2006, which graduated each year groups of students of the sciences of Arabic language Qur’anic and drainage in his institution and through the Internet. He gives religious lectures in many countries of the world on matters of interpretation and the Arabic language, and gives Friday sermons in a number of mosques, and has channels on YouTube to specialize in explaining the Holy Qur’an and discuss matters of public life and its connection to the verses. What is distinctive about this is his style in the simple, clear and beautiful explanation that will show you these verses and the lessons, stories and passages in your world now, and how these verses provide solutions to daily life issues, which promotes Islamic ethics, and sheds light on the rhetorical miracles of the Holy Quran in a way that made you love the words of God. Through many outlets, Professor Noman provides access to easy, simplified and pleasant explanations for the Surahs, Verses, and Stories in the Holy Book, most of which are concentrated in the field of his specialization in explaining with the beauty and metaphysical miracles that are unique to the Holy Verses. And explanations and lessons on life matters linked to the lessons taught to us by God Almighty  ( AL-Jabbar Ar-Rahim ) in his great book, which the professor explains, which opens the eyes of people over the process of the teachings of Islam and its easiness. You can read hundreds of workshops, lessons, lectures, Friday sermons, available sites and other accessible online communication methods for Professor Nu’man Ali Khan. And these lists help me to find him which are produced by the professor with his team over the years thanks to God Almighty and continued efforts in the publication of the Book of God. Which I hope will continue to support everyone who reads this article by taking advantage of what they have published from science and benefiting everyone who can reach it. I ask God to kindly grant his livelihood to every Muslim who helps to learn, teach and spread the Qur’an.

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