Advice to anyone who wants to learn Arabic language online from other speakers and who wants to learn to read the Quran online in a correct way and to learn the Tajweed and interpretation online, God has facilitated the Internet Be Come What was difficult in the past easier than it is in the present The Internet has made the world a small village and near The distant neighbor can study a sheik in Egypt to a child or a young man in Britain, the Quran with all ease and he sees him as standing in front of him there are some Islamic schools and universities and some sites are teaching online for students after them and for the ease of the Internet you should search for these Islamic universities On the Internet very easily instead of traveling from your country, then online education is easier than Mayon, which is the future because all the universities and schools will depend on it instead of going to the Sheikh in the mosque, you just enter your room and run your laptop and search the Internet with this Words that will help you find schools, universities, Islamic sites, and these words
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One of the best sites where you can find the teaching of the Koran and the Arabic language online
https: //rattilonline.com
https: // ayatinstitute.com
https: //madinahquranacademy.com/
https: //learningquranonline.com/

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