When to say MashAllah

Have you heard about the word mashaAllah?

Do you know the meaning of this word?

Every Muslim has to know when to say mashAllah and all benefits of saying this word.

MashAllah definition:

This word is an Arabic one which means “as God willing”, that means thankfulness for an event or a person. Here we will know when to say mashAllah and the meaning of this word. The effect of saying mashAllah on people has a comfortable feeling as they consider the person who repeats mashAllah don’t have an evil eye. It is sometimes impossible not to mention how beautiful, cute, smart the things are, and mashAllah makes it easy for you to do so. So, if we ask when to say mashAllah, the answer will be when you see what amaze you. MashaAllah means that what Allah wanted has happened. This beautiful word is used also to thank Allah for all good things that happened to you.

For example:

A person has passed his exams, say mashAllah! Look at this beautiful baby there, say mashAllah! I had a good day, say mashaAllah! These are some situations that will help you to know when to say mashaAllah. Everything that can surprise you, you have to say towards it mashaAllah. A good benefit of saying mashAllah is that it can avert the trouble which also called an evil eye. As we said before, this word is used to avoid an evil eye, and we know that all the praises we enjoy are due to Allah. Our prophet Muhammad (SAW) said to us “if anyone sees what amazes him from himself, his money, or his brother, he must wish Baraka to avoid evil eye”. Some people said there is no evidence about that mashaAllah avert trouble or evil eye, but the most important and the strongest evidence is the previous hadith.

What is the matter when saying mashAllah to a sin?

This will be a good example that will help you when to say mashaAllah. Some people used to say mashAllah, and so they by a mistake they say mashAllah to a sin. For example, when you see someone wearing clothes that are forbidden from Allah, you say mashaAllah.   This is not forbidden to say this, but it is preferred to say mashaAllah to something that is good, not only to avoid evil eye but also to encourage that person to do these good things. one of the benefits of saying mashaAllah is that it is considered “dhikr” which means that you mention the name of Allah.  Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also said “the evil eye is a fact, and if there is something that can precede God’s destiny, it will be the evil eye”. So, it is a must to know when to say mashaAllah. It is a simple word but has a great effect on both one who says mashaAllah, and the other one that 1you say mashAllah to him. It is a gold tip for you to keep on saying mashaAllah, to protect yourself from the evil eye, and also to mention Allah to get the reward from him.   See More : When to say MashaAllah and TabarakAllah?

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