7 best duas every Muslim should say

Sometimes we have problems, hardships, and worries. Not only do our times become hard, but also our hearts become solid and full of bad things. Here we will learn and know 7 best Duas every Muslim should say to facilitate our lifes and become near from Allah. Allah will give you the power to contact others and also to do every good thing that he likes. He is our only army. These 7 best Duas every Muslim should say are considered your umbrella that will protect you from bad people, bad things, bad thoughts, hard heart, and dark souls.

What do people do when they need help or support?

Some people prefer going to doctors, others prefer talking to others, while few people return to their God and these are the best. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised us to remember Allah at any and every time, He also said that the furthest of people from Allah is the harsh_hearted. Also to know the benefits of the “7 best Duas every Muslim should say” you have to know that prophet Muhammad (SAW) also said that “The house in which remembrance of Allah is made and the house in which remembrance of Allah is not remembered are like the living and the dead”. (Muslim).

1.Best dhikr:

The best remembrance of Allah is there is none worthy of worship except Allah (La ilaha illallah), and the best supplication is: all praise is due to Allah which means (Alhamdulillah). At_tirmidhi.

2.The best Dua for glorification of Allah:

Subhan Allah wabihamdih, Adada khalqihi, wazinata arshih wa midada kalemateh. This means that Allah is free from any imperfection, and I begin with his praise, as many times as the number of his creatures in accordance with his good pleasure, equal to the weight of his throne, and equal to the ink that may be used in recording the words. (Muslim) These are 2 Duas of the 7 best Duas every Muslim should say. Let’s know more about them.

3. This one is considered the best Dua:

You have to say Rabana atina fel_donia hasanah wafil akhirati hasanah waqina adhab al nar. Which means that “O our lord grants us the best in this life, and the best in the next life, and protects us from the fire in the next life. (Al_Bukhara and Muslim)

4.This is the best Dua for forgiveness:

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised us to ask for forgiveness from Allah by saying “Ahhahumma anta rabi lailaha illa ant, khalqtani wa ana abduk wa ana ala ahdeka wa wa’dika mastat’t, audh bika men shari masana’t, abou’ laka bene’mateka ali wa abou’u bedhanbi faghfir li faenahu la yaghfiru al dhunuba illa ant”. This means that you talk to Allah and please him to forgive you, as he created you, and none can forgive sin except for Allah.

5. If you need to protect yourself by Dua:

You should say “bismillah al ladhi la yaduru ma’asmihi shay’on felard walafelsama’ wahuwa ala sami’ al aleem”. This means that Allah is the only protection and nothing can harm you in the presence of Allah. If you recite this 3 times in the morning or evening, you will be protected from any harm.
6. One of these 7 best dua every muslim should say is this Dua for depression:
(La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu mina adhalimeen.) If any Muslim supplicates with it, Allah will respond to him.
7. Who needs inner peace:
La hawla wa la quwwata illa bi Allah al ‘aliyyi al adhim. It is considered a treasure from Jannah treasures. See More : What Muslims Have to know about Istikhara

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