What do you know about Surah Waqiah?

Do you know that?!

The Holy Quran which is the guidance book for all Muslims around the World contains 114 Surah. And Surah Waqiah is one of these great 114 Surah. Surah Waqiah was revealed in Mecca on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This great Surah was revealed around 7 years before the Hijrah of the beloved Prophet (SAW).

The name of Surah Waqiah:

(the cause of this name)

“Waqiah” is an Arabic word which means “occurrence” in English. It was named with this name to confirm the day of Judgment, and its occurrence. and the second verse of this surah   ليس لوقعتها كاذبه  means that there is no doubt about it. So, we can say that Waqiah is the name of this Surah, and also it is the clarification of its content.  

Simple explanation for Surah Waqiah:

  In this great Surah, Allah confirms the occurrence of the Doomsday (the day of Judgement) Allah Almighty says that there is no doubt about the occurrence of the day of Resurrection. It is not a good thing to say that some people are skeptical about the day of Judgement that was confirmed by Allah. On the day of Judgement, some people will be at the bottom of the fire of Hell, and others will be at the highest place in Heaven. When Allah shakes the Earth, and fragments the Mountains, there will be people at the Right (the winners) will enter Jannah, and others at the Left (the Losers) will be punished and will enter Hell. Allah also describes the day of Judgement and says that the people who used to race to do good deeds(during life), will also race to enter Jannah, and win Paradise. In Jannah, there will be bliss that we haven’t seen nor heard of before. In the description of the people of Paradise, Allah says that they will be tipped on beds that are made of woven Gold. The people of Paradise will be served by boys who don’t age and grow old. Those boys will serve them, give them what they want without asking Also in this great Surah, Allah Almighty mentioned many other things that He has only allocated to the People of  Paradise.

The benefit of reciting Surah Waqiah:

Reciting the Verses of the Holy Quran has its great benefit and reward from Allah. But there are some of the 114 Surahs having their own benefits when recited. Therefore, Surah Waqiah has its own benefit as said by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW):

عن عبد االله بن مسعود ، قال : سمعت رسول االله – صلى االله علیه وسلم – یقول

: ” من قرأ سورة الواقعة كل لیلة لم تصبه فاقة أبدا ” .

The translation of this Holy Hadith:
  Whoever recites Surah Waqiah every day, will never be in need of people. Due to this great Hadith, some companions used to recite it to get its benefit, and to avoid Poverty and need. So, keep on reciting it to get its great reward! See More : Surah Kafiroon and the cause of its revelation

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