What are the provisions of Tajweed, The rulings of intonation are many and varied, including the rulings of the consonant nun and the tanwine, the rulings of the static meme, the rulings of reciting and the glorification, etc.

We will begin by explaining most of the rulings of Tajweed in order to help you identify them and the ability to read the Quran by way of intonation.

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What are the provisions of Tajweed
What are the provisions of Tajweed

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What are the provisions of Tajweed

Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween


It refers to the heart of the non-consonant nun or the tanween to the mim with the song before the baa, and it may be in one word or two words, and examples of it are:


(A slave of a martyr) You will notice upon your reading of the Noble Quran that a mem is placed above the consonant noun, in order to indicate the existence of the rule of the coup.

In the previous example, we notice the presence of the tanawin, followed by the letter Baa, and the iqlab is pronounced by turning the tanween into a m, and then the letter Baa is pronounced.

The Noun consonants:

(A spring bursts for us from the earth) We notice the presence of al-Iqlab in one word, and the consonant noun came after it, and after it the letter Ba, and the previous word is pronounced in the heart of the non-consonant nun to a m, after which the letter baa is pronounced.


If the consonant noun or tanween comes after one of the letters of djham, which is a group in the word (ramloun), then the consonant nun or the tanwun is combined with the dagham letter in order for them to become a single letter accentuated, and the diphthong has two types: (diphthong with ghannah and diphthm without ghannah).

Slurring in Ghnah:

It consists of several letters grouped in the word (grow) and are combined if it comes after the consonant noon or tanween, and an example of it is:

(Min Wali) So here came the consonant nun, followed by the letter waw, and the consonant nun is combined with the letter waw to become one letter with boghna and accent.

Slaving without affliction:

And a group of his letters are in the word (RL), and they are pronounced without a song. An example of that is: (From their Lord). Here comes the consonant nun, followed by the letter R, and they are combined without pronouncing the song.

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What are the provisions of Tajweed
What are the provisions of Tajweed

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It is the output of the diacritical letters as recognizing what they are

without changing or singing, and its letters are (aa, na, e, h, kh, e), and an

example of that is: (from them), so here came the consonants and then the

letter ha, and there is no change to its pronunciation Rather, the letter is

pronounced as defining what E is.


In this case, the letter is pronounced boghnah, but without accentuation,

and its letters are the rest of the Arabic language burns except for the

letters of acclamation, accentuation, and iql.

Examples of it:

(He helps you), (usually unbelief) These words and expressions included

the presence of the consonant nun and the tawenen, but the letters that

follow it are one of the letters of concealment, and they are pronounced

with ghannah, but without intensity. It has multiple pronunciation rules as


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