What are the provisions of Tajweed Quran, so that you can learn the Noble Quran and read it properly, you must learn all the rulings of Tajweed and listen a lot to the tajweed of the sheikhs and the way they pronounce the rulings so that it is easy for you to learn quickly and not feel difficult when trying to learn the rulings of Tajweed.

The provisions of amplification

Is to amplify the sound when pronouncing any of the letters of the ta’akhfim, and the letters of the ta’akhmiyat are grouped in the following words and expressions (singled out stress).

What are the provisions of Tajweed Quran

An example of glorifying:

(The diminutive) Here the burning of the dad is pronounced by amplifying the sound.

What are the provisions of Tajweed Quran
What are the provisions of Tajweed Quran

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Laminating provisions

Verbatim letters are pronounced in a thin and soft voice and without accentuation, and its letters include the rest of the Arabic letters, except for capital letters.

An example is:

(Abedoun) Here the letter Ayn is pronounced in a gentle voice.

Exaggerating and thinning the majesty’s mother The lam is not exaggerated, rather it is thinned, but it is only exaggerated in the expression of the Majesty’s mother, if the lam of majesty is presented to open or annex.

An example of it:

(Abdullah) Here is the glory of God Almighty because of the annexation that preceded the word Majesty.

Thinning of Majesty:

If the word majesty is preceded by a fracture or a consonant after a broken one, then the lam of majesty is softened, for example: (In the name of God), the word majesty has been preceded by a fracture, and therefore it is pronounced in a soft voice.

These are the most important rulings of Tajweed that you can learn for the

first time when you want to learn to read the Quran using Tajweed.

There are also many rulings of intonation, including (the extension and its

divisions, the rulings of the static lam, the rulings of the hamza al-Wasl, the

provisions of the faltering), all of these rulings also help you to read

correctly and recite the Holy Quran in a correct and sound manner.

What are the provisions of Tajweed Quran
What are the provisions of Tajweed Quran

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