Ways to memorize the Quran in Ramadan, the blessed month of Ramadan is a month in which people are turning to Allah – the Highest – with good deeds, including reciting the Holy Quran, which is a great occasion; To make it a starting point to achieve the greatest goal that every Muslim aspires to in his life.

Ways to memorize the Quran in Ramadan

That you repeat the entire page from beginning to end several times or divide it into lines, according to what is easy for you, and people differ in this, and make that page all that you read from the Quran on that day, so that you do not read others with it.

Ways to memorize the Quran in Ramadan
Ways to memorize the Quran in Ramadan

Rather, she alone devoted all the time that you had devoted to reading the Quran in the past years. If we assume that in the previous Ramadan you were reading five parties a day, then this means that you will read the page fifty times, in the same period.

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And you will discover that you will not exceed the time allotted to save the page, except by little from last year.

That the page you memorized is presented to a skilled reader, and if it is not possible to show it to a person holding the Qur’an, and a sign of your strength to memorize this fate is to pray it, while you are assured.

To do on the second day with the second page, like what you did on the first

page, and to review the last page and link to the current page.

On the third day, you do the same, but with reviewing the previous two

pages, and so on until the end of Ramadan.

Ways to memorize the Quran in Ramadan
Ways to memorize the Quran in Ramadan

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