How to memorize the Quran in Ramadan, the blessed month of Ramadan is a month in which people are turning to Allah – the Highest – with good deeds, including reciting the Holy Quran, which is a great occasion; To make it a starting point to achieve the greatest goal that every Muslim aspires to in his life, which is:

Memorizing the Noble Quran, and this goal – despite its greatness and sublime – is easy to achieve for those whom Allah is pleased with.

This method is dependent on you changing your approach that you used to take in the past, and that cannot be done unless you are convinced that it was an incorrect approach, and the way to find out about this is by asking yourself:

How many Ramadan silence during your old age? How much did you memorize the Holy Quran in those years?

How to memorize the Quran in Ramadan

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If you are satisfied with your outcome, do not complete the reading of this plan, then you are not concerned with it, and if you are not satisfied, know that the defect is in two things: one of them: in the curriculum and planning, and the second: in persistence and perseverance.

How to memorize the Quran in Ramadan

If you are satisfied with the above. The plan is to divide the year into two parts: The first part: the month of Ramadan. The second section: the other months of the year: The first section: the month of Ramadan, which is the starting point and principle. You commit to saving one page per day, as follows:

How to memorize the Quran in Ramadan
How to memorize the Quran in Ramadan

1. That you seek the help of Allah – the Highest – and trust in Him

Remember that you are in one of the greatest acts of worship, and for its honor, and to know the knowledge of certainty that Satan will not leave you, and he will bring you with his horses and feet until he turns you away from this noble goal, so do not let him win over you, and force him to trust, seek refuge, and conquer the soul that guides with evil.

2. That you correct your reading of the specified page

In order not to memorize verses by mistake, it will be difficult to amend them later, and this is an essential, very important step. And the best correction methods:

You should read it on a masterful Hafiz, and if it is not possible for you to do

so, then listen to one of the respected reciters whose recitation is recorded –

and the mayor in learning, Sheikh Al Hosari, may Allah have mercy on HIM

– listens many times with complete attention.

By continuing to read it by looking at the Quran, until you are assured of

correcting the specific page, and the more complete the correction, the

easier it is to memorize.

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