Ways to learn the Quran and install it, the following are practical steps in an integrated program for memorizing the Noble Quran without a teacher, and through several lessons only.   Learn Quran online with Tajweed we will live in a fun and easy way that helps us memorize, contemplate, and reprogram our lives in light of the Book of Allah Almighty.  

Ways to learn the Quran and install it

Ways to learn the Quran and install it
Ways to learn the Quran and install it

1- Invest in fasting energy

The body has certain levels of energy permanently, when it saves a large part of energy due to fasting and abstaining from food and drink, and provides another part because of purity and reverence that hangs over you because of the energy of fasting, and provides great energy because of the great stability that fasting brings to you.   This means that your active energy will be at its peak during fasting, Learn Quran online with tajweed and you can memorize the Quran easily because the energy you have provides you with the will to do so.  

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2- Reading the Quran more frequently as possible

Memorizing the Quran means that you receive ten good deeds for each letter! If you know, for example, that the number of letters in Surat Al-Fatihah is 139, then this means that the more you read it, your balance with Allah Almighty will increase 139 x 10 = 1390 good deeds.   And every good one of these good deeds is better than this world and what is in it !! And look at how many good deeds you will receive when you read the entire Quran which is composed of more than three hundred thousand letters !!!  

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Ways to learn the Quran and install it
Ways to learn the Quran and install it

3- Teach your child the Quran before he comes to this world

Scientists recently proved that the fetus is in its mother’s womb, Learn Quran online and after the forty-second night, it begins to interact with external stimuli and then interacts with the sounds it hears while it is in its mother’s womb.   Therefore, every mother must hear something from the Quran for her fetus, and after childbirth, she will continue to do so, and his brain cells and heart will be affected by the words of Allah Almighty, and by that, you will have prepared your child to memorize the Quran before he comes to this world!  

 4- Let your morals be the Quran

When you memorize the Quran, you will have strength in your style because of the eloquence of the verses of the Quran, you will become more able to deal with others, endurance, Learn Quran online and patience, and you will be inexpressible happy.   Learn Quran online, Learn best free learning read lessons get offer start memorization class children conduct individuals level basic lesson Tarteel makes complete help global effective education ijaza anytime just join online on site Rattilonline.com.   Memorizing the Quran is not just a poem of poetry or a story and a song! Rather, when you memorize the Quran, you are making a change in your view of everything around you, Learn Quran online and your behavior will follow what you memorize.

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