Madina Period A man from Bani Israel called out to announce the arrival of the Prophet (saas). When the people heard the call they all stopped what they were doing and rushed to line the streets of Madinah. Many of the new Muslims of Madinah had never even met the Messenger of Allah Out in the distance of the hot desert, two shapes appeared heading towards the city of Madinah. At first, the people mistook Abu Bakr for the Prophet (saas) until the kind-hearted, noble companion covered the Prophet (saas) with his own cloth to protect him from the blazing sun. The Prophet (saas) stayed for the first few days in a place called Quba where he built the very first Masjid of Islam with his own hands. He then rode his camel to the center of Madinah. Allah guided t he camel until she came to rest on her knees. The place where she stopped belonged to two orphans called Thailand Sahl. It was here that the Prophet (saas) built his Masjid and his homeThe Messenger of Allah (saas) soon became the leader of Al Madinah. The Muhaajiroon and the Ansar were true brothers in Islam. The Ansar were so kind and generous that they shared their wealth and property with the Muhaajiroon. The Muslims were now able to live freely in peace. It was at this time that the Prophet (saas) drew up the first political constitution which enjoined a pact of security for the people of Madinah. The other tribes , who were mainly Jews, were given protection under this constitution and were allowed to live in peace alongside the Muslims. The Quraish were so angry at the Prophet (saas) for leaving Makkah that they were determined to destroy Islam once and for all. Abu Jahl, who was the leader of Quraish, prepared an army of a thousand men and began marching towards Madinah. It was at this time that Allah revealed permission for the Mu slims to fight and defend Islam: The Muslims army had only 300 men but everyone was ready to give their life for the sake of Allah. The Muslims put their trust in Allah and when the battle began Allah supported the Muslim army with 3000 Angels. The Muslims fought bravely and killed many of the Quraish including their leader, Abu Jahl. The disbelievers were filled with fear and began to retreat. Allah granted the Muslims a great victory over their former oppressors. The Prophet ordered the Muslims to treat the prisoners well and to share the war booty amongst the Muslims fairly. The Battle of Badr was fought on Friday 17th Ramadhan in the second year after the Hijrah.

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