Today’s Kaaba is about a very beautiful prayer that was made by musa alayhis salam at a very critical juncture in his life many of you know that the quran is full of many stories of prophets and in all of those stories of the prophets you find a consistent feature at one point or another these prophets make draw and a lot of these prayers are mentioned at very critical junctures at a moment of great desperation or great difficulty when no other option is there they turn to a line they make draw those of you I mean all of you here are familiar with the idea of storytelling and how stories move from one major scene to the next major scene to the next major scene how things progress in a story actually the Quran stories aren’t a story they’re actual history but you learn something about Duaa’s in the Quran things move from one major event to the next major event and the bridge between them is the Duaa in other words the doors has some kind of ease would not have opened up if a Duaa wasn’t there in between this is the sort of thing that happens with musa alayhis salam at one point in his life and and you know also that the life of moosa aleihsalaam is something that’s erratic all over the quran and there are so many events of his wife’s that are captured more than any other prophet in the quran actually he’s in a sense the most mentioned prophet and the most celebrated prophet of the quran because he’s also a an example for rasulullah sallallahu alehiwassallaam in that he has a very similar career to the messenger of allah just make a couple of quick comments about that moosa aleihsalaam had two major audiences the first major audience he had was surrounding his people basically the disbelievers and then once he migrated out of Egypt his primary audience was his own people and these people many of them were hypocrites and they gave him a hard time even though they believed in they didn’t believe in him it was a confusion between those two things this is very similar to the Zulu la sal allahu allahu allah because his primary audience was doc wash the disbelievers just like Memphis audience re sallam was Pharaon and just like Mousavi Saddam parted and departed from Egypt Rasul Phi Salam also along with the believers left Makkah and they moved to Medina the kinds of challenges the Prophet faced in Medina were from people who alread believed munafa kun even among among the Muslims but also hypocrites among the people of the book who already believed also and so we have the challenge of Musa alayhi Salam in his audience parallel with the challenge of the Rasulullah in his life in Medina so there are many and that’s why the Quran mentions and so much there’s so much of his life that will become serve as an example as a case study for our messenger alehissalaam and the struggles that are moot that the Muslims are going through whether they were in Makkah or they were in Medina regardless there are some events of his life that Allah particularly highlights and you should also know that I was talking to a rabbi not too long ago about the life of Musa and you know how big of a deal is the Serie of Musa Alayhis Salam in Jewish Studies and four of the five major books of the Hebrew Bible are actually dedicated to his life the majority of them are just covering the life of mukaddes so he’s a very fundamental figure also of course it’s called a lot mache in their tradition the rock of Musa that’s what they call it on their own anyway but regardless this prayer that I wanted to get to is something that happened before Masada salamba became a prophet he becomes a Messenger of Allah when Allah calls him to the mountain and reveals himself to him speaks to him directly and tells him that he’s been chosen one a star to customarily my you ha I am the one that has chosen you Allah told him by the burning bush so listen to what’s being revealed to you write that story is mentioned in the Bible it’s of course also mentioned in the Quran but many years before them what happened with Mousavi salam was he was living his life in egypt and he was actually raised in the palace of the Pharaoh and as this life of kind of a prince you know that’s where the Disney film borrows its name the Prince of Egypt right because he was in fact raised as a prince something happened he used to go out into the city to volunteer even though he was very well-off you can argue a millionaire very strong Quran mentioned how strong he was as a young man you know Panama Bellagio da hua Stella he was extremely knowledgeable and well a sensible young man at enough of ahkmenrah Elmen he was actually someone who had good judgment even though young people don’t have good judgment normally and on top of that he was wealthy when our wealthy young people really don’t have good judgment and on top of that he was very intellectual knowledgeable Wellman a logical knowledge also and then he gave him a spiritual connection to himself a young man whose wealthy spiritual knowledgeable wise I mean he’s got and strong he’s got all these incredible qualities as a young man and Allah describes him as the person of his son what kadali connect solution in that is how we compensate the people of his son in other words he’s got a deep profound connection with Allah also so he goes in the city to volunteer because you know you know that he was from buddy Saeed even though he was treated as royalty he’s from the Israelites to slave people in Egypt and it was illegal for him to help them he couldn’t just go into the city and help those people so he used to go in the middle of the afternoon which is when the time the Spanish call it the siesta you might be familiar kailua the Arabs call it there’s a time in the day where everybody’s asleep nobody’s awake they always thought the Sun is too hot so they don’t even make their slaves do the work so this would be the time that he would go and help the people and volunteer and finish some of their jobs because he won’t get caught because you can’t help the slave why are you helping them so he would go Hina’s off let him in alia Quran will describe at a time where everybody’s knocked out the cities nobody’s around so he goes at this time and the cities the streets are empty and he sees two people that are fighting each other I won’t I’m not here to tell you that part of the story but short the short version of it is when he gets closer he finds one of them is from his own people the Israelites and the other one is from the ruling class will be not had I mean are doing equal answers this one’s from his enemy people so he got upset that they’re beating up my Muslim brother and he goes and he throws a punch at the soldier whoever was beating him up and when he throws one punch the guys to look at a moose a vase and I’m punched him and he was dead on the spot the guy died on the spot now you’ve killed what you can call you killed a police officer you know when a murder happens in a city of course the cops are alerted if a cop is killed then the cops go crazy now they’re going to hunt somebody down one of their own that’s that’s a different story Messala day time in a sense you can argue is killed a cop he didn’t intend to but that’s what’s happened now they’re looking for him they’re just there’s a blanket and they don’t know who did it but actually it came out the guy who he actually helped ratted him out and said he’s the one who did it now everybody’s looking for Moosa and he escapes Egypt barely surviving with his life okay the entire city’s on a hunt for him he’s the most wanted man in the land and he escapes into the desert obviously no one in their right mind would think about escaping into the desert it’s death anyway it’s there’s no shelter there’s no water you’re gonna what are you going to survive one or two days and you’re going to be dead but he goes into the into the desert me asks Allah for guidance as he walks into the desert I thought of the IES D&E so as to be maybe my master will guide me to the straightest path and that’s what Allah did Allah gave him a like a divine GPS you know in a desert if you’re walking you could walk in a circle you won’t even kn ow well Musa al-salaam he walks straight Tilikum ibn he walks straight in the direction of modeun somewhere he’s never been before and modeun was a place where there was water there’s a township and this is Arab land now okay so he gets there directly and just just about when he’s about to be dehydrated and died of thirst he gets there and he sees water and he starts sipping on the watery now he’s you know destitute desperate homeless fugitive from the law and he’s sipping on this water barely surviving and he sees two women you know is he’s two women and Allah says about themselves all done there to put it mildly they’re playing tug-of-war with their animals meaning they’re holding their animals back from drinking the water now obviously in the desert was a few places where you have water so everybody brings their animal to feed them there and these girls are holding their animals back not let them drink so he gets confused what’s going on with you – monokuma he goes to the – what’s wrong with you – what’s your situation so they said let us be hostile Silvia abouna shaken cabine we can’t feed our animals until this entire flock everybody all the men are done because these men down there basically what they’re saying is those men are perverts when we go down there and serve our animals they start whistling at us howling at us hitting on us or whatever making inappropriate comments we don’t want to deal with any of that nonsense so we let all these men finish giving their animals their drink and leave then we go feed our animals and until then we have to keep pulling on our animal because our animals don’t understand that they just see the water and they want to go and the reason we’re working so hard and the reason we’re out here and we’re not down there why don’t you have a man in the family they explained while buna shake when qabil our dad is an old man he’s not capable of working anymore even though that’s not the subject of my football the subject of method but is actually the glad that that comes but what I wanted to highlight to you is a lot in fact mentioned a very strange situation typically you would imagine that the head of the household or the male in the household is going to earn the income they’re going to make the money but Allah mentions a situation where these two girls have to go in a hostile environment it’s not a friendly environment these are men that are not friendly towards women not respectful towards women that’s why they have to hold back and they don’t have a choice because their fathers too old he can’t do it there are situations and families where you know it’s not the ideal situation but it happened women sometimes have to work they have to go seek an education they’re the only ones that can they can take care of the family that happens there’s nothing unafonica bout that that’s just what it is that’s life and there’s a reason Allah mentions these things because these situations occur it’s not right for us to look at some family situations they all look their daughter works oh look his wife work etc and it’s not right for you and I to make those judgments we don’t know what their family situation is in any case these young girls say that we can’t you know we can’t go down there Mousavi Salam I mentioned to you was a strong man he just grabbed their animals went down there move the other people around like their flies fed their animals brought them back and then didn’t say any not a word to them and went back to what love will then he went back towards the shade and that’s where he made this law so this man who’s barely barely alive himself saw these two women that needed help help them out and then went back didn’t ask for money didn’t ask for thanks didn’t say his name nothing went back into the shade and said would be in me Lima and Delta L am in hiding socket master there’s no doubt about it that I in regards to whatever you send my way whatever you send from above towards me any good you want min Qaeda stand a war any good you want to send me I could totally use it I’m bankrupt Sepideh in Arabic literally means for the back to be broken okay when you have so much burden on your back that you can’t take anymore in your back snaps like some of you work out if you’re squatting if you put too much weight on the machine on the rack you get sense I can’t take any more that’s actually when you’re about to experience suck on your back is about the snap he’s basically saying I am disabled at this point I can use I’ll take any good you give me I’m in this desperate situation he turns to Allah and he makes this profound profound Allah this has two meanings the first meaning is yalla I don’t have a home I don’t have family anymore I’m by myself I know nobody I I got nothing I all I the only shelter I have is the shade of this tree that’s all I got anything any disc at this point I’m not going to be picky whatever you send my way because by the way he was raised as royalty when you’re raised in royalty you eat expensive food you sit in comfortable housing your ride is nice everything is kind of a certain class right and there are certain things you’re not so comfortable with like you know if you for example if you make a certain amount of money then you’re like you’re going to go book a hotel in some other town you’re not going to go gets on a one-star half star motel you’re going to get at least three stars aren’t you you have some standards there’s some kind of or if you’re going to rent a car you’re not going to rent like some use dinky Hyundai or something here hey what’s what’s the upgrade you have certain standards saadet Salaam has actually been waived you could argue with the silver spoon he’s and raised in pretty elite standards but he’s in this desperate situation right now and he’s not picky he’s saying y’all love whatever you giv me I will take whatever of any kind of good you decide and I know that it will come only from you it can only come from you because I got no worldly resources left that’s why I’m Dodd is mentioned or the B in dilemma and that is that in a given Clayton okay it can only come from the heavens now I’ll totally take it I’m bankrupt I’m not gonna I’m not going to be wine you’re picky this by the way by extension is somebody lost a job they used to have a high-paying tech job they were making six figures now they don’t have that job anymore they’ve been looking for a new job a year goes by two years go by three years ago by the savings have run out there’s no money left you can’t even pay the rent anymore somebody offers them a job to drive a truck somebody offers on the job to work at a grocery store somebody offers on the job to drive a cab in he says look man I’m a programmer I can’t do this this is beneath me yes it is beneath you but at this point it’s been three years you need to be realistic whatever you can get you take a liqu a Cebu Habibullah the one who earns works hard and earn an income is beloved to Allah it’s not humiliating well hard work is never humiliating now just on sad side note I go out of my way especially when I travel to the Muslim world I go out of my way if I take a cab or a limb or anything else to make sure I get to know the driver and to make sure I get to like remind them that what they do is very honorable and Noble because this is actually a fund of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to remind people that do hard work that they are honoured by Allah you know what’s happened in many of our cultures the driver the waiter the cleaner you know these people they treated like trash like they have no respect in society the opposite is true in our Deen masala is that I miss kissing what every job you get me whatever provision you provide me I’m not going to be picky that’s a gift from Allah this is a gift from Allah a job is a gift from Allah so now this is our Deen is so beautiful the guy who collects the trash the guy was cleaning up the bathrooms all of these people are dignified people because they work hard to provide for their families they are in fact gossip and therefore they are have evil mother beloved to Allah and how can they be beloved to Allah and despised by us how can we look down on someone who Allah loved that’s the first meaning of this dot but there’s another meaning the other meaning of this law is that the word hide can also not just mean worldly good love whatever food you give me whatever shelter you give me whatever job you give me I’ll take it how you can also be in good deed it also means good deeds he’s also saying yah Allah I know I made a mistake I didn’t intend to kill this man but I did it and now I’ve as a result I am in this desperate situation but I know because I have a sin in my past that is haunting me because you when you make a mistake like that you think about the mistake you’ve made and you if you really have a good heart towards Allah then you want to make it up to Allah don’t you alright how do I make sure Allah forgave me and how do I make sure that this debit in my account is credited with some good deeds Ya Allah I was desperate I’m dying I’m dehydrated but these two women needed help I immediately helped them yeah less there’s any other opportunity to do any other good let me know I could use it I know I need to fill my account with more good deeds so even though he’s desperate himself he’s dehydrated himself he’s not survived he’s barely surviving himself he’s also starving for more good deeds to help people to do something good and here the high that he did was not more worship or fasting or Levada his word his good deed was helping somebody who needed help you know he’s in a situation where he needs help isn’t he actually he’s far more in need than those two women but there’s something even in his desperate situation he could help with what are we learning here you may have a difficult situation I may have a difficult situation but even though we have difficulty from one end we’re still very capable of helping others in other ways where the KP a la has given us maybe we’re debilitated in capacitated from one side but very capable from other sides and you can still provide help this is the desperation a slave should have that whatever you give me I’ll take I will accept and so from here what happens in this remarkable story is a sama some Shia anastasiya what I’ll summarizes the story these girls received help so they went back home when they go back home their father says why did you come back home so early you usually wait until all the men are done right how are you home four hours early yeah well there was this man he helped us out what was it What did he say to you did he ask for money did he ask for any they said no he didn’t he just went looked like he was making dua or something so the father says go get him what a great guy I mean this is a society of terrible men right that’s already been indicated so he’s a great human being we should meet him we should get to know this person so one of them comes back and then says my dad’s calling you he wants to pay you in a beard Ruka Lia’s iike a drama subtitle onna he my dad is calling you to compensate you for the service you provided us the animals that you fed for us now here’s the thing ask yourself did musa alayhis salaam volunteer to help those those women for money did he want to get paid no he did it because it’s a good deed he did it you could say for the sake of Allah isn’t it and now these this one of these girls is coming back and saying my dad wants to pay you if you and I were there we would have been like no sister does a kilo Haida and this was for the CCB Linda I cannot take anything from this dunya because I did it for Allah and Allah will provide for me I actually made dua to Allah that he will send something from the sky so I’m waiting for that you go home thank you but thanks but no thanks I expect my reward from Allah Musa al-salaam is is much smarter than we are he understands I just asked Allah for help and this girl showed up and that’s why the Quran says he made wah therefore this girl showed up akadama in other words that girl offering from her father’s behalf that he wants to compensate you is actually the help of Allah that’s the help of Allah you don’t turn that away he went right away for job you know for my job when he got to him he went to him and his life completely changed because he took that opportunity what I’m trying to get at here is that you and I have something called teca’s off we have something called a little bit of hesitation or when somebody’s offering you help no no no no no I don’t you’re looking for a job you’re looking for maybe maybe a loan maybe you’re looking for some financial help of some kind of help and people are coming hey I heard that you’re in some situation I’d like to help no ok I’m ok alhamdulillah you’re not ok dude you didn’t go begging somebody came to you they offered you help that is how a lot what did you expect the law will send an angel to you and he’s going to come with you no golden currency for you from the sky and then you problems will be solved this is how Allah house this is how a large division helps you know this is they say in Arabic is an old saying I saw Raja list is not one enough the dignity of a man is that he doesn’t need other people nobody likes to be in need I don’t want to be in a situation where somebody says hey here’s $20 I don’t want to be in that situation look as part of our dignity we want to be independent we want to be able to provide for ourselves it’s embarrassing it’s humiliating I agree with that and that’s something that is an axiom across any dignified Society but at the same time when help is offered to you not when you went begging for help when help is offered to you then understand that that may be from the disk of Allah then you don’t turn it away then you actually consider it when you actually consider it people turn away all kinds of this people are coming you have daughters they’re not getting married you don’t know anybody somebody says hey there’s a proposal we can say no no honey lower ok with me more ok what are you you’re not ok if you were okay you’re going been married already you complain about that every day now somebody comes forward and you’re too embarrassed to accept the help or accept a recommendation this is us not understanding how the heart works we turn to Allah in desperate times and do two things we ask Allah we let Allah know we’re not going to be whenever he gives us we’re going to take we’re going to accept we’re going to be grateful for and – we’re going to be desperate to do good things because the more good things you do the more Allah opens the door today that’s actually the lesson here also may allah azzawajal makers truly understand the spirit of the dolls that are captured in the quran and help bring the disc in our life that Allah wants to bring by means of sincere to him barakallahu li walakum self coronet Hakim when a fine idea conveyed ayat Rebecca Jackie al hamdulillah he wrote asado salat wa salam o allah a body hea Adina’s pasa pasa nada nada he Muhammad Nabeel Muhammad Amin Amin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma’in Allah Azza WA JAL 16-bar an akuna billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim inna llaha la mala yatta hakuna alain de may-ya-yo halloween amanu sallu alayhi wasalaam wa ni’ma allahumma salli ala muhammadin wa ala ala muhammad camisole Allah Allah Ibrahim voila le ibrahim al al-amin inaka Hamid imagine allahumma barik ala muhammadin wa ala ala muhammad saaw Mubarak table Rahim Allah and Ibrahim Afellay Lamine in the caramel Majid Elbaz Allah rajim o kamala eat tabouleh inna llaha ya’muru bil as liberation well eta is in CORBA way on her and in fact evilman cup vana dhikrullah he akbar allahu allah ma non – Allah in the Salah takara tomy nina kitab-o-moosa.
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