The science of reciting the Quran, scholars have argued that the clear melody is forbidden, and they differed in the hidden melody, so some of them said that it is forbidden, and some said that it is disliked.

We are not going to delve into the details of the clear melody and its legal ruling, but we have explained it in a general way in order to emphasize the importance, usefulness and necessity of learning the rulings of intonation.

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The science of reciting the Quran
The science of reciting the Quran

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The science of reciting the Quran

Through the science of Tajweed, the reader is able to avoid falling for the forbidden melody.

So the duty of every Muslim is to learn from this knowledge the extent that enables him to avoid falling into the melody and mistakes while reading the Quran.

The scholars have indicated that acquiring the knowledge of Tajweed and learning it takes place in a number of ways, one of which is for the student who wants to learn this knowledge accompanies a specialist Sheikh and recites the Quran to him.

The sheikh recites the Quran in front of him, and explains the rules of intonation to the student, then the student repeats what the sheikh has read, and continues in this case until the Quran is finished.

Another way and medium is for students to learn individually.

The science of reciting the Quran
The science of reciting the Quran

Where he reads the rulings of Tajweed from reliable books and sources, and listens to the lessons and recorded lectures of specialized scholars.

Then he applies what he learned from those rulings to the verses of the Quran, and continues in this state until he attains the degree of mastery.

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