How to learn Tajweed provisions, the scholars have defined the science of Tajweed with many close definitions, including this definition and the meaning of what came in the Book of Al-Munir in Rulings of Tajweed:

Tajweed science:

It is the science that examines the manner of pronouncing letters, and taking care of their exits and attributes, and the rulings presented to them, and what is related to that, stopping, beginning, joining and cutting.

How to learn Tajweed provisions
How to learn Tajweed provisions

Its purpose is to achieve the best and best degrees of mastery of recitation and improve reading. »The science of Tajweed is one of the important Islamic sciences, and it has received great care and attention from many scholars.

Where they gave him his share of research, investigation and authorship, and this matter is evidenced by the many literature, works, investigations and explanations that were produced in this blessed science.

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The science of Tajweed

It is one of the blessed sciences, as it serves the Book of God, the Blessed and Exalted be He, and teaches its students a correct recitation free of melody and error, and also teaches them the method of reciting the Quran as a recitation of good and beautiful recitation worthy of this great Quran.

And the melody that was mentioned previously is the error in parsing, or:

It is a grammatical error, and according to the scholars of Tajweed, the

melody is defined as the error that the Quran reader makes while reading

it, and this error may be evident. That is, clear, such as:

Replacing a letter with a letter, changing the vowel of a letter, adding a

letter, or decreasing a letter, and other examples.

How to learn Tajweed provisions
How to learn Tajweed provisions

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This error may be hidden; It is a mistake that occurs in some of the rulings

of intonation, such as: leaving the song, or exceeding the correct limit, and

vice versa as well.

And leaving the tide, or increasing it above the correct limit, and vice versa

as well. And other examples.

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