The Messengers of Allah 
Allah’s way to make His will known to humans is through His Prophets and Messengers. He chooses a 
person to receive His message. The person who receives this message becomes the Prophet of Allah. 
Allah sends His message to the Prophets through Angel 
Jibreel (). The Prophets then gave this message to people. Allah sent Prophets and Messengers to different people at different times. They spoke to people in Allah’s name and guided them. 
The Prophets and Messengers of Allah were men. They were noble people. 
The first Prophet was Adam (). The last Prophet was Prophet Muhammad (). 
Some other Prophets were: 

  1. Nuh
  2. Ibraaheem 
  3. Is-haq 
  4. Ya’qub 
  5. Yusuf 
  6. Musa 
  7. Haroon 
  8. Yunus 
  9. Yahya 
  10. Isa 
  11. Fill in the blanks.

1. Allah makes His will known to humans through and 

  1. Allah sent prophets to different 

at different 

  1. The first Prophet was 


  1. The last Prophet was 

Name some of the Prophets Allah has chosen to guide people
The Messengers of Allah 
When you wish to go to the toilet, you must set 
aside any article on which there is some mention of 
Allah, such as a ring, a pendant or anything of that kind. Before stepping into the toilet with your left foot 
first, say: 
Bismillah. Allaahumma innee a’oodhu bika 
min al-khubthi wal-Khabaa’ith 
In the name of Allah.  
Allah, I seek protection in You from the male and 
female devils 
While using the toilet, you should keep your body screened from view. 
While in the toilet, you should not engage in conversation. You should neither return the greeting of anyone who greets you, nor responds to anyone who talks to you. If you happen to sneeze, you should 
praise Allah by saying (al Hamdulillah) only 
in your heart, but not out loud. 
If you happen to answer the call of nature outdoors, then go to an out-of-the-way spot and make sure that the ground is right. Avoid facing the qiblah and relieve yourself. You should not relieve yourself on 
any of the following places: 
1. On a stone 

  1. Under a tree, whether or not it is one that bears fruit, because people may seek the shelter of its shade and get their clothes dirty, while any fruit that falls will be polluted. 


  1. In public places. 


  1. In a source of water supply. 

In the place you are using as a toilet, you should 
not mention the name of Allah, out of respect for His 
Name. Always use your left hand while washing yourself. When you have done what is needed to do 
and cleanse yourself with water, leave the toilet with 
your right foot first and say 
I seek Your forgiveness, (Allah) 

  1. How should a Muslim use the toilet? 

1. Before entering the toilet, I should say 

  1. I may not take anything with 


  1. I must be careful to enter the toilet 


  1. While relieving myself, I must not 


  1. I must wash up with 

When I’m finished I say 

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