The definition of ‘Umrah 


‘the definition of Umrah in the language:

It is the visit and the intention. 

‘the definition of Umrah is the Shari’a:

It is a visit to the House of Allah to perform worship of Allah and to perform ihraam, by doing tawaaf in the house, and seeking between Safa and Marwa. 
And doing the required conditions before doing ‘Umrah, such as shaving or shortening hair. 
‘Umrah is obligatory and legitimate. and that was the opinion of jurists and as the saying of Allah : 

(وَأَتِمُّوا الْحَجَّ وَالْعُمْرَةَ لِلَّهِ)

And there is another opinion that it is considered a year, so that it can be performed by any Muslim man capable of once in his life or more according to his abilities and physical and financial capabilities, if he can perform more than once he is something that goes back to him and is in balance of his work, and the ninth year of migration was the year in which ‘Umrah was imposed.

*’Umrah time

The ‘Umrah does not have a specific time for performing it, but an individual can perform it at any time he wants and be ready for them during the year, but he must know that he can not perform them at the time of Hajj. 
This is evidenced by the distinction between Umrah and Hajj in repetition in the same year. 
This is due to the virtue of Allah to His slaves because Umrah is not specified at a certain time of the year, but it can be performed in all months. 
The best month to do ‘Umrah is the month of Ramadaan because of its great reward. 
The ‘Umrah is two types: single ‘Umrah, and the ‘Umrah of enjoyment.

*Virtues of ‘Umrah:

Umrah to Umrah is expiation for what is between them.
-Continuation and follow-up between Hajj and Umrah make poverty and sins away.
-Umrah in the month of Ramadan is equal and analogous to the Hajj with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), in a narration from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them. He said: When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came back from his Hajj said to Om Sinan Al-Ansariyah: What stopped you from Hajj ? She said: Abu Fulan – she means her husband – he had two animals to Hajj he is on one of them and the other is to take care of land for us, he said: the Umrah in Ramadan is equal to a Hajj with me.

*Conditions of Umrah :

-The performer is a Muslim.
-To be an adult.
-To be sensible.
-Be strong and can do it.
*The pleasant doing of ‘Umrah before Ihraam and after it : 
-You must trim nails.
-Flavor and moisturize the body.
-Satisfy and raise the voice of the man.
-Saying Labayka Allahumma Labayka.
-Kiss the black stone if there is no crowd.
-Accelerate walking in the first three runs.
-Increasing the Dhikr and Du’aa.
-Do a prayer of two rak’ahs.
-Ascension on Safa.
-Jogging between Safa and Marwa.
-Increasing the Dhikr.
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