The best sites of the Holy Quran, Holy Quran applications are useful for every Muslim during the month of Ramadan or outside of it, and in general, they should be part of the applications that he has on his phone.

During the month of Ramadan, the importance of these applications doubles because they help the Muslim achieve the goals he set for himself and strive to achieve them during the month of Ramadan in terms of completing the Quran or even listening to it when he needs to.

On the other hand, there are many sites for the Holy Quran that provide the user with additional options that may not be available in the applications.

In our topic, we will present the best websites and applications that a Muslim can rely on during the month of Ramadan.

The best sites of the Holy Quran
The best sites of the Holy Quran

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The best sites of the Holy Quran

Holy Quran application

This application is a “gift” from Kuwait Finance House to every Muslim man and woman around the world. It has a lot of features that make it a unique application that is easy to use.

Through the application, the user can interact with the Holy Quran, because it displays the Quran in an interactive manner.

The used Ottoman script facilitates the reading process, and the verse level display facilitates the process of recitation and memorization.

The application also has its own system that facilitates the process of memorizing the Quran, as a person can select the verse, then return to it again to ensure that he memorized it perfectly.

The app takes into account the night reading, so the black background with white lines makes the reading at night comfortable and unobtrusive.

For Android devices, the application can be downloaded here.

Ayat application and website

This project is from King Saud University and is available in seventeen languages ​​with a margin for translating the meanings of the Quran into more than twenty languages, in addition to an audio translation of two languages ​​and seven interpretations and recitations of the Quran with the voice of a number of readers.

The application provides the possibility of repetition and memorization, in the “Quran teacher” field, which serves the goal of memorization and repetition with the reader. This feature is useful and practical to make children memorize the Quran, and it is ideal for the blind.

The e-Quran is available in the form of an application for phones, and it is also available in computer versions for those who do not prefer applications.

To visit the site, please click here.

Quran Tajweed application with interpretation

This application provides the user with all the tools he needs in order to learn Tajweed. Each rule of Tajweed and every rule comes in a different color in the verses and the surahs.

This approach facilitates memorization, as it helps to master intonation.

It also includes the interpretation of Quran verses, as it interprets specific words. In addition to all these features, the app also includes a supplication to complete the Quran and hadiths about the merit of reading the Quran.

As is the case with other Quran applications, this application also includes the search process, the index which is divided into several sections, as there is the index of the surahs, and the index of parts, parties and quarters.

This application can be used without an internet connection, and if it is closed at a certain page, when it is reopened it will automatically go to that page.

For Android devices, the application can be downloaded here.

Download site

A download site that displays the Holy Quran in writing and not in pictures, meaning that there is a possibility to change the font and font size. The website design is very simple and easy to use.

The page is divided into two parts, with the Quran pages on one side and the options on the other side.

You can search according to the surah or verse, and you can listen to the recitation of the verses. There is also a possibility to translate verses into English. The user can also set a repeat for each verse if his goal is to memorize.

To visit the site, please click here.

The best sites of the Holy Quran
The best sites of the Holy Quran

Islam web site

Islam Web site is much more than a Quran site. It is a complete and comprehensive reference for any Muslim as it includes multiple sections for fatwas, interpretations, fasting and everything a Muslim needs.

The Holy Quran section is very easy, and it is distributed in the form of an easy-to-use list, even for the category that does not have much experience using the Internet.

To visit the site, please click here.

Serum application

This application is the most used in the Islamic world, and it includes

several other features, in addition to the Holy Quran.

This application is actually a collection of applications in one application.

The application helps to perform the rituals and rituals on time.

It also helps the user to keep reciting the Holy Quran and encourages him to

continue, so that he can complete it more than once during the month,

because it provides statistics that give the person a percentage showing the

rate of his commitment to the schedule for each conclusion.

In addition to this service, the application also provides a service to locate

the mosques closest to the user, alerts for prayers, Ramadan observance

with an alarm for the time of Suhoor and Iftar.

Reminders for various acts of worship, determining the direction of prayer,

and it also determines prayer times according to different countries and

cities around the world.

For Android devices, the application can be downloaded here.

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