Tajweed the Holy Quran, the beginning of the science of Tajweed was when the Islamic state expanded in the third century of Hijra when the error and melody increased in the Quran due to the entry of many non-Arabs to Islam.

What were the scholars of the Quran only began to write the rules and rules of intonation.

It is said that the first person to compile the science of Tajweed in a book was Imam Abu Ubayd al-Qasim bin Salam in the third century AH in his book called Kitab al-Qirat as Kitab al-Qirat.

Tajweed the Holy Quran
Tajweed the Holy Quran

And learning Tajweed is a kifaya (obligatory) obligation, but working with it is an individual obligation on every Muslim man and woman.

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Tajweed the Holy Quran:

Since the revelation of the Quran, Muhammad, may God prayers and peace be upon him and his family, has been keen for the Companions to learn the Quran and master it as he used to teach it to him, peace and blessings be upon him from Gabriel.

The Quran was mastered by a large number of the Companions: such as Abdullah bin Masoud, Zaid bin Thabit and others.

Then, in the third Hijri century, Imam Abu Ubayd al-Qasim bin Salam compiled this knowledge in a book he wrote and called “The Book of Readings”, by extracting the rules of this science by tracing the readings of famous people from the well-to-do readers.

Then the research continued in the field of extracting the other rules of Tajweed, and many books on this science explain the principles of reading and the correct way to recite the Quran.

Definition and meaning of the science of Tajweed:

In the language:

Tajweed in the language is an improvement, precision, and mastery, and it was said that a thing is good, improved, and perfected.

Tajweed the Holy Quran
Tajweed the Holy Quran

As for convention:

It is taking every letter of the Quran out from its output without changing and reading it correctly according to the rules of intonation established by the scholars of Tajweed.

It is said:

Giving each letter its right and due from the points and attributes.

Tajweed rule

We return to the ruling on learning the Tajweed, which is an obligation of kifaya. As for working with it, it is an obligation upon every obligated reader who reads the Quran.

The benefit of the science of Tajweed and its goal The most important benefit for learning Tajweed is memorizing the tongue from error (or what is called melody) when reading the Quran.

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