Tajweed provisions in the Quran, Tajweed in Islam is a science by which the method of pronouncing Quran words and phrases is known as Muhammed bin Abdullah (the Prophet of Islam) (may God bless him and grant him peace), and it is taken orally by a sheikh or professor who has a license to teach intonation.

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Tajweed provisions in the Quran
Tajweed provisions in the Quran


The extension is the lengthening of the sound with one of the three vowels (a, a, and j) when meeting a hamza or sukoon.


The letters of the Qalqla are five letters, which are Q – T – B – C – D, which is a group in the word Qutb Jad.


And it is when the letter is at the end of the word and is stressed, like the Baa in (Repent the hand of Abi Lahab and repent).


If the letter Al-Qalqilah is dependent on it and it is not accented, for example, the letter Ta’a Fi (And God is behind them are surroundings).

The least of them:

If the letter qa’f falls in the center of the word, for example, the letter qāf is in (and we created you in pairs).


The endowment on them, the endowment on seeking refuge, the linking of

the basmalah to the beginning of the recitation, the connection of the

prayer to the basmalah and the endowment on them, and the prayer of

seeking refuge in the Basmalah and its connection with the first reading.


It is the interruption of the voice, a time during which the reader usually

breathes with the intention of resuming reading, and he is kneeling unless

something prevents him. Getting started is resuming reading after stopping.

Tajweed provisions in the Quran
Tajweed provisions in the Quran

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