How to learn Tajweed easily, it is a science that specializes in reading the Noble Quran, giving letters, words and expressions their right, and he set the rules for the science of Tajweed, the scholar Khalil bin Ahmed Al Farahidi, and after him a number of scholars.

And the science of intonation is derived from the reading of the Prophet, peace be upon him, as the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, used to recite the Quran as Gabriel, peace be upon him, transmitted it from God Almighty, the Almighty said: “Likewise, let us confirm your heart with it and recite it as a hymn.”

How to learn Tajweed easily
How to learn Tajweed easily

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The Companions used to learn to recite the Quran from the Prophet, peace be upon him, then the followers learned it, and so on, until it reached us frequently.

How to learn Tajweed easily

Learning tajweed is very important for several reasons, the most important of which is that we are required to recite the Noble Quran in the correct way. Tajweed helps to understand verses and show the Quran miracles, just as intonation leads to careful reading.

This gives an opportunity to contemplate and meditate verses, reverence in reading the Noble Quran, and correct pronunciation, as it makes the reader a sound-speaking and becomes a distinguished and fluent speaker.

Also, reading with the correct intonation helps to move away from the melody, and the melody is the inclination of the right in reading the Holy Quran.

How to learn Tajweed easily
How to learn Tajweed easily

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How to learn the science of Tajweed

There are many ways and means available to learn the correct reading of

the Holy Quran, including:

Participating in a center for teaching the Holy Quran in the residential area.

Listening to the reading of a reciter known for their ability to correct


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