Surah Ad Duha

  All Muslims know that the Holy Quran is the beacon that directs Muslims around the world; as It contains everything Muslims need in their life, talking about political issues, social issues, Orphans, and the Poor. This great book contains 114 Surah, and Surah Ad Duha is one of them. We will talk about Surah Ad Duha as an example to realize the greatness of this Holy Book. Surah Ad Duha contains 11 great Verses.

Surah Ad Duha in Arabic:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

والضحى (1) والليل إذا سجى (2) ما ودعك ربك وما قلى (3) وللآخرة خير لك من الأولى (4) ولسوف يعطيك ربك فترضى (5) ألم يجدك يتيما فآوى (6) ووجدك ضالا فهدى (7) ووجدك عائلا فأغنى (8) فأما اليتيم فلا تقهر (9) وأما السائل فلا تنهر (10) وأما بنعمة ربك فحدث (11)

Transliteration of Surah Ad Duha:

1. Waduha. 2. walayl eza saja. 3. ma wada’ka raboka wama qala. 4. walal akherato khairon laka menal ola. 5. wala sawfa yutika rabbuka fatarda. 6. alam yagedaka yatiman fa awa. 7. wa wagadaka dalan fahada. 8. wawajadaka ‘aelan fa aghna. 9. fa ammal yateema fala takhar. 10. wa amma ela fala tanhar. 11. wa amma bini’mati rabbika fahadith.

Translation of Surah Ad Duha _Sahih international:

1. By the morning brightness. 2. And by the night when it covers with darkness. 3. Oh, Muhammad! Your God hasn’t taken leave of you, and He hasn’t detested you. 4. The Hereafter is better for you than life. 5. Allah Almighty will give you, and you will be satisfied. 6. Did He not find you an Orphan, and give you a refuge? 7. He also has found you lost and guided you. 8. He also has found you poor and made you rich. 9. So, Don’t oppress the Orphan. 10. And Don’t repel the petitioner. 11. And report the favor of your God.

Simple explanation of Surah Ad Duha:

First, we have to know the meaning of Ad Duha, “Duha” is an Arabic word that means the “Midmorning”. It is preferred for every Muslim to pray Duha prayer; as it has a great reward from Allah. There is no doubt that this Dunya is nothing, and Allah Almighty brought us here; in order to build on the earth, and worship Allah as much as we can. We must all be concerned with the afterlife and work for it; as it is the place to be immortalized. “Wala sawfa yutika rabbuka fatarda” means that Allah will give His beloved Messenger Muhammad (SAW) what he wants and more than he wants, He will be Merciful with his nation, will give him Kawthar river in honor and glory to him. ِAnd from the grace of Allah over His Messenger Muhammad (SAW) that He harbored him after being an Orphan. We say that he was an Orphan because his father died when his mother was pregnant with him, then when he was 6 years old his mother died. Finally, his grandfather took care of him. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) was poor and Allah enriched him. After counting some of the blessings to the Messenger(SAW), Allah started to give him some orders. Allah Almighty commanded His Messenger not to oppress the Orphan, nor repel the petitioner. This encourages us to give the needy, and not to delay in answering their request. The Prophet (SAW) cared a lot about Orphans and he said: ′I and the sponsor of an orphan will be like these two (fingers) together in Paradise’. We conclude from this great Surah that Allah loves His servants so much, honors them, and He is merciful to them. Likewise, we must know that all misery and weariness in this world will disappear in the Hereafter, so we have to thank Allah for everything; as everything is a blessing from   See more : Surah Tin

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