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  Studies Quran online, the Quran is the origin of all the fundamentals, and the basis of the foundations of the religion, and in it the best of matters of religion, the world, and the hereafter, and it was only revealed to work with it, and a person cannot do something that he does not understand, and it is the same as someone who reads the Quran and does not understand it.   For example, some people came to them with a book from their king commanding them and forbidding them, and indicating what would benefit them, and warning them to take a specific path because their enemy in it was lying in wait for them. So he killed them.   Facilitating the Quran for worshipers Allah Almighty says: {The Quran has pleased us, so is it from Muddkr (17)} [Al-Qamar 54/17].   This great Quran has been made easy by Allah for memorization and performance, and its meanings for understanding and knowledge. Because it is the best speech in the word, the most sincere meaning, and the interpretation of it, so everyone who comes to him with the pleasure of Allah is required for the purpose of facilitation and easy for HIM, and the remembrance includes all that the scholars remember of the lawful and the forbidden, the rulings of the command and the prohibition, the rulings of the penalty, exhortations and lessons, useful beliefs, and honest news.   That is why the knowledge of the Quran was to memorize and interpret the easiest and most effective of sciences, and it is the useful knowledge that if a servant asks eyes upon him, some of the predecessors said in this verse: Is someone who seeks knowledge and helps him?   Allah Almighty says: {For you please Him with your tongue, for knowledge that they will remember}.   Allah Almighty says: {So we pleased it with your tongue to preach to the righteous and to warn a people with it (97)} [Surat Maryam 97].   This is a great blessing, is there any punker? Is anyone a hobbyist? Is anyone coming to the word of God to understand and learn? And Allah helps HIM, helps him, and repays him.  

Is understanding the Quran and its management limited to scholars?

Understanding and contemplating the Quran is not limited to scholars. Rather, everyone must take his share from the Quran, Studies Quran online according to what Allah makes it easy for HIM, and according to his understanding, knowledge, and perception.   Allah, the Blessed and Exalted be HE, called all His servants to contemplate and understand the Quran. A sect was not concerned with that without a sect. If the understanding and contemplation of the Quran were restricted to a group of people, the benefit of the Quran would be limited to them, and the speech in the verse would be directed to them, and this is known to be false.   Ibn Abbas said: The interpretation has four aspects. A face that the Arabs knew from her words, an interpretation that no one would excuse for his ignorance, an interpretation that scholars know, and an interpretation that only Allah knows.   The aspect that no one is excused for his ignorance is the knowledge of the clear rulings in it, the clear and influential exhortations, the strong and clear arguments, and the overall meanings indicated by the verses.  

Studies Quran online

There may be a difference in understanding the verse, and you will find a number of sayings in the books of interpretation, so you do not know which meanings are the meaning, do you think that you did not understand the meaning of the verse, Studies Quran online, and to remove this problem, we must explain two important things:   The first thing: a general understanding of the verse does not harm it disagreeing in some details.   Studies Quran online, that is, you may be understanding the verse in the sentence, but do not understand the meaning of this word, or you do not know which meanings are more correct, for there is no problem with it, and the general meaning is sufficient for you, especially if knowing the specific meaning is not of great benefit.   Examples are narrated by Anas said: “We were at the age and the shirt in the back of four patches, recited: {and} fruit and father, he said: This fruit may we knew, what the father? Then he said: Meh we are forbidden affectation.”   And in another wording, on the authority of Anas, that he heard Omar say: {So they brought us love and grapes in it} the verse, to his saying {and father} said: “All of this did he say to him?” Then he threw a stick that was in his hand, then said: “This is for the age of Allah.  
Allah Almighty says:
{Ask you about the new moons say are the times of pilgrimage for people and not righteousness that houses come from their appearance but righteousness and fearing the houses came from their doors, and fear Allah that ye may prosper (189)}.   The one responsible for him in these verses is the new moons, but Allah Almighty did not mention anything they asked, so they may ask why it looks like this at the beginning of the month, then grow up, or they asked about the benefit of it being so, or they asked about the crescent itself how it is, and the answer came with a statement of the benefit From the crescents, which is evidence that people infer from times.   See More: Our courses  Our Article: Blog

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