10 rules for memorizing the Quran online

  Rules for memorizing the Quran online: Most Muslims wish to memorize the Noble Quran and contemplate its greatness, and many strive to try to prove it by all possible means.   But these matters did not depress our resolve to draw close to Allah Almighty, so we continued to search for the easiest way to memorize the Quran, contemplate it, and contemplate the greatness of Allah when he addresses his servants, so the method was as we will explain it now.
rules for memorizing the Quran online
rules for memorizing the Quran online

The easiest way to memorize the Holy Quran

In order for us to be able not to read the Quran with difficulty and to be able to properly memorize there are several things that a person must have in order to help them reach the easiest way to memorize the Noble Quran in record time, and we will mention them as follows:  

10 rules for memorizing the Quran online


The first rule: sincere intention

There must be a sincere, sincere intention for the sake of Allah, so that you can memorize the Quran and Allah be pleased with you and help you to memorize and be from Allah and his family, so renew the intention daily.  

The second rule: keeping away from sins

If you intend to memorize the Quran, then you must abstain from sins, because it is one of the worst things that keep you away from Allah path and memorize His words above.   As Al-Imam Al-Shafi’i said: “I complained to Wakee’s bad memory, so he guided me to refraining from sins and told me that knowledge is a light, and the light of Allah is not directed to the disobedient.”  

Allah Almighty says

And remember your Lord if you forget, and say, “I hope that my Lord will guide him to something closer than this in maturity” [Al-Kahf: 24].  

Third rule: Continue reading

It is necessary to continue reading daily so that you do not forget what you have memorized from the Quran. 10 rules for memorizing the Quran online An example of this is people who memorize a day and leave a week and then return to memorizing again and find themselves forgetting what was previously memorized, so everyone who wants to memorize the Book of Allah Almighty must continue even if it is a little.   As it was stated in the hadith of Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: ((Expose of the deeds that you can afford, for Allah does not tire until you are bored, if the deeds are dearest to Allah, I will perpetuate them, even if less)).  

The fourth rule: the way to memorize it

The “Khums” method is the easiest way to memorize the Noble Quran and the best way for you to master memorization, that is, when you start memorizing, repeat the verse (five) times, then read the next verse and repeat it (five) times.   Then combine the first verse with the second verse, and so on, then close the Quran and read the verses that you memorized by default, and the next day before you start memorizing new verses, read the verses that you memorized yesterday, and so on.  

Fifth rule: choosing the time and place

Choosing the time and place is very important for those who want to know the easiest way to memorize the Noble Quran, so you should choose the appropriate time and place for memorizing calmly, and you know very well that no one will interrupt your memorization and privacy to bring your mind.   And you have finished your work and is completely devoted to memorizing and extinguishing anything that may occupy your mind while reading, and if your mind is occupied with something such as the Internet and others, you will not get anything from the Quran.   (The best time to preserve the magic, and the best time to search for the firstborn, to compose in the middle of the day, and to review and read at night).
rules for memorizing the Quran online
rules for memorizing the Quran online

Sixth rule: reciting Almajdh

When you begin to memorize, strive to have your memorization with correct lettering exits, such as Al-Ghina, Al-Qabb, Al-Daghma, etc., leaving the rulings as a clear melody, this helps you to confirm memorization and also to memorize correctly and quickly.  
The seventh rule: memorization from one Quran
A person memorizes the Quran using certain senses. These senses enter information into the mind and this increases the power of memorization. Therefore, it is required to install a Quran to memorize it, and try to have a number of the Quran from which it is preserved, but with different sizes from each other.   So you leave one with your family, one at work, another in the car, and so on, so whenever you go to a place, you will read in the same Quran from which your eyes are accustomed to memorizing.  

The eighth rule: Hearing the Quran from others

You must hear the Quran from someone else, like hearing Sheikh Al-Hosari, Al-Banna, and others. This strengthens your memory and you also review.   The ninth rule: the presence of someone to whom you recite what you memorized There must be someone to recite what you have memorized until it is proven that you have memorized, and you do not have any doubts about your memorization, and in this way, you encourage the soul to memorize more, and this person will be proficient in memorization so that he can review your mistakes.  

The tenth rule: Not to eat more at meals

Eating too much leads to lethargy, stagnation, bringing sleep, lack of mind, listlessness, and constant laziness. However, diseases such as obesity and others occur, so do not go to memorize the Quran immediately after eating the meal.   See More: Our courses  Our Article: Blog

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