Quran Tajweed Learning, Tajweed or the science of Tajweed in Islam is a science by which you know how to pronounce Qur’anic words as pronounced by our master Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Letter exits:

It displays the letters and their attributes in two and three dimensions to see the letter from all directions, and it also displays a video to illustrate the movement of the lips.

Training on the Amma part:

By displaying a video of the recitation of the verse and displaying it in color with the provisions of intonation, with the possibility of the user recording his voice and re-hearing it.

The exams:

An integrated system of tests that covers all lessons with giving the opportunity to self-evaluation through automatic correction of answers and knowledge of the optimal answer model.

Quran Tajweed Learning
Quran Tajweed Learning

The provisions of intonation are complete

The rulings of tajweed differ according to the different letters and where they are placed in the word, so the scholars of Tajweed divided these rulings to make it easier for the reader to learn and understand them so that each letter comes out of its correct output with correct pronunciation.

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It is worth noting that the word “movement” will be repeated in explaining the rulings of tajweed, and the movement in the science of tajweed is the time required to pronounce the letter, which is the amount of time required to bend and extend the finger, and the rulings of tajweed in full are as follows:

Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween:

The ruling on pronouncing the consonant nun or the tanween differs according to the letter that follows it, and that, when combined with the letters of the spelling, it has four adverbs:


Which is the combination of the consonant nun or the tanwen with the letter that follows it, and in turn is divided into two parts: diphthm baghnah – and al-Ghunnah is the output of the sound of the letter from the nose – and it is by the advent of the consonant nun or the tanun, and after it a letter from the djhamal letters Boghna, which is:

“The yaa, the nun, the mim, and the waw” have two movements and the likeness of it is “whoever works,” “grapes and sowing,” and the second part is a fusion without affliction, and it is with the coming of the static noon or the tanun, and then either “the ra” or the lam Merciful Repentance.


And it is by showing the pronunciation of the consonant noon or the tanween and the letter that follows it if it is one of the following letters: “Hamza, Ha, Ayn, H, Gin, Khaa.”


And it is in the heart of the word “noon” or “tanween” to mim if the letter “Baa” comes after it.


It is hiding the pronunciation of the consonant nun or the tanween and showing the pronunciation of the letter that follows it with the presence of the Ghina, and the fifteen letters of the alphabet, which are the rest of the alphabets “Ta, Al-Thaa, Jim, Dal, Thaal, Zai, Sein, Shin, Al-Sad, Dhad, Tata, Al-Dha’a, and Al-Fa, And al-Qaf, and al-Kaf, ”and his proverb is:“ the wind of a cry ”,“ who is that ”.

Rulings of static memes:

The static meme in the science of intonation has three cases, which are:

Verbal concealment:

And it will be by the advent of the static meme, after which the letter “Baa”, and it is to conceal the pronunciation of the static meme and keep the song by two movements, the example of which is: “An illusion in the Hereafter.”

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Oral slurring:

And it will be by combining the consonant meme with the letter that follows it if this letter is a movable meme and it is pronounced as if it were a meme tightened by a song of two vowel sizes, and his example: “It came to you from”

Oral presentation:

It is to show the pronunciation of the consonant meme and the letter that follows it without singing if this letter is one of the letters of the spelling except for “the Baa and the Mim”, for example: “That is good,” “and you have it.”

Extended provisions:

And the prolongation of the pronunciation of one of the vowels shall be two or more movements according to the type of the tide.

  • Natural or original tide.
  • Tide Caller.
  • Separate tide.
  • Accidental stillness tide.
  • Allowance extension.
  • The necessary tide.

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