How to memorize the Quran fast, how to memorize the Noble Quran easily. Millions of Muslims around the world seek to memorize the Holy Quran in order to draw close to God Almighty and in accordance with His Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace.

However, the majority face difficulty in how to memorize the Holy Quran easily. Therefore, “Echo of the Country” presents to you many matters that must be taken into account in order to preserve the Holy Qur’an, including.

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How to memorize the Quran fast
How to memorize the Quran fast

How to memorize the Quran fast

1- The existence of a sincere intention in order to memorize the Noble Quran, and for the purpose of memorizing the Noble Quran to be to obtain the pleasure of God Almighty, Qur and to harness the mind and the spirit in order to preserve the Quran memorization, and try to move away from matters that distract a person the Noble Quran, and which cause waste of time.

2- Asking for help from God – Mighty and Majestic – during prayer, and you are in the hands of God to ask Him for help in helping you, Qur learn one time easily in order to win his paradise and obtain his approval, just as it is necessary to insist on God in this matter in order to help you On it.

3- Excessively seek forgiveness in order to erase the sins that you have done, how can I memorizes the Quran quickly? fast time It is also necessary to avoid sins that will forget easily the command of memorizes the Noble Quran, and it is not appropriate for the Book of God to commit sins while memorizing the Book of God.

4- That you have the will and determination for this matter, so you should not be lazy, because the matter will be exhausting in the beginning, but soon God will make it easy for you, Qur learn one recite islam repetition much used work teaching memorising ways effective features reviews mushaf recall method benefits find course program take verse simple arabic top less votes sabak found study authentic want steps really completely term goal first huffaz.

5- That you organize your affairs through a schedule indicating the hours that you will use in order to memorizes the Holy Quran memorization. How can I memorizes the Quran in 30 days? You should also control yourself through the number of pages you will accomplish today in memorizing.

6- You must make a daily review of what you have memorized during the day, and that this review be at the end of the day after completing the preservation, and you should also make a weekly review of what you have saved.

6- Taking advantage of the firstborn, and the firstborn means that a person memorize the Qur’an in the early hours of dawn, as these hours are better for memorizes the Holy Quran memorization.

The mind and the brain are in a state of complete activity, and the Holy Quran memorization that a person memorizes in the early hours of the dawn remains for a longer period in the memory.

7- That a person understands what he is reading; Memorization does not only mean indoctrination, but the meanings of the verses must be studied in order to memorizes them, and this matter makes it easier for a person to memorizes Quran.

8- Try to read what you have memorized during your prayers, and in this way you will preserve what you memorized, and make sure that you have not forgotten the verses that you memorized, and it is also a very good way to review what you have memorized.

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