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  Quran Memorization online, memorizing the Quran is one of the wonderful projects, it is a trade that will not be blatant, and there is no doubt that reading the Quran in a way that pleases Allah Almighty brings calm and comfort to the souls, and carefree and sadness go away, so whoever you choose to memorize his great book and strive to know a simple way to memorize the Quran, you will In this article, you will find what helps you to memorize with ease and ease, so trust in Allah and sincerely intent for Allah Almighty.  

How to memorize the Quran without forgetting

The great Quran is a blessing from the countless blessings of Allah, and Allah Almighty chooses from HIS servants those who deserve to memorize his great book and facilitates for him all the means that help him in the course of memorization, and it is worth noting that carrying the book of Allah is not for anyone who can carry the book of Allah in HIS chest, but this is Allah selection of those who are worthy of his servants, so we hope to Allah that we will be among HIS servants who deserve to carry his great book.   The intention must be devoted to Allah alone, and the intention is a summary of the heart and not just uttering it, because the intention is in the heart.   Trust in Allah and seek help from HIM, Glory be to HIM, and do not forget to pray because it is one of the most important means that help in the memorization process. Because Allah is the only one who is the heart of the hearts, and He is the one in whose hand everything is.   A simplified way to memorize the Quran. You must have the ability to overcome all the difficulties that face you on the road with a strong will and determination to memorize.   Relying on an elaborate teacher or teacher so that she can memorize the Quran without errors in recitation, thus learning the intonation and exits.   When you are determined to memorize the Book of Allah, one must be careful not to go near and listen to the forbidden things that Allah forbids. Because it interferes with the heart and submerges it with darkness and bad deeds that prevent you from memorizing, so it is better for you to be busy listening to the Quran until your ears enjoy the sweetest words, and this is in addition to praise, takbeer, and cheer, so that your tongue is preoccupied with remembering Allah.   When you start memorizing you with one copy of the Quran, this helps your mind not to be distracted, and this talk has been proven by scientific studies that the eye has a great ability to memorize words and arrange verses, and this leads to ease of memorizing the great Quran.   The best way to help you memorize and fix it is to set aside a specific time for the memorization process. Undoubtedly, one of the best times is the dawn when mercy and blessings descend and the mind is clear to receive, understand and memorize the words of the dear one, in addition to when you finish memorizing the roses you can pray with him throughout the day in the redundant prayers. Certainly helps to install it without forgetting, Allah willing.  

Quran Memorization online

  It is better at the beginning of memorization to give you a fixed amount and a little memorization so that you do not lose energy and determination, and at the same time do not feel great pressure with the pressures of life, and the preservation is on a daily basis and does not postpone for empty reasons and devote two days a week to reviewing what has been memorized and remedy the deficiency of memorization if you object Order during preservation days.   Attention, before starting to memorize, is to read your response to a master Sheikh so that he will help you memorize without errors and know the intonation and exits, and do not forget because this is the word of Allah Almighty, so it must be read without errors.   The easiest way to memorize the Quran is after that you read the roses several times from the Quran so that the eye preserves the place and does not forget it, and it also helps you to correct your reading correctly.   The best way to memorize the Quran and online. After that, you start reading the interpretation of the verses, and there are several interpretations, but at the beginning, start with the short interpretation or Sheikh Saadi, or you can start to learn the meanings of words from the book Gharib al-Quran.   This certainly helps you to memorize and establish it because in this way you will understand what is required in this verse and what it means, and it is preferable if every verse falls on yourself and works with it, then in this way, you will have memorized, learned and acted with what you have learned what a trade in which you will not lose, Allah willing But you will double your good deeds unless Allah Wills.   After that, she begins to memorize the first verse carefully, then moves to the next verse and then confuses it with the verse before it, and in this way she preserves it elaborately, and it is better for the verse to be two or three lines and no more than that.   During memorization, it is better if your voice is audible, neither high nor low. Because a low voice will weaken your will to memorize, and a loud voice will annoy others.   A simplified method for memorizing the Quran. You can also hear the memorization response from the masters, such as Sheikh Al-Hosari, Sheikh Al-Minshawi, or Sheikh Abdul Basit, and you can hear the roses repeatedly. So that the ear gets used to hearing the verses and is proven by Allah command.   After that, recite your response to yourself, and then you can read the verses from the Quran again to ensure that they are free of errors and that you read them well.   An easy way to memorize the Quran After you have recited it to yourself and read it from the Quran, then you make sure to hear it from the Sheikh so that you can make sure of the percentage of memorization of the verses, making sure that they are free of errors. See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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