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  Learn Quran Reading For Kids, the easiest way to teach children to memorize the Quran via Rattilonline.com. There is no doubt that the Noble Quran is the light of the life in which we live and learn many things from it.   Hence, everyone is keen to teach their children from a young age, the Noble Quran, whether by memorizing or learning the rules and teachings of the Noble Quran, due to the importance of this in the renaissance of the young man from the earliest years.  

The importance of teaching the Holy Quran to children

Children are the beacon of homes and hope for a future for all, and therefore everyone is keen on their proper upbringing and peaceful proper upbringing according to the Islamic approach.   Consequently, everyone is keen for children to learn the Quran even before they enter school, and to urge them to read the Quran, memorize even some verses from it, and learn many of its messages and teachings that he sends to us.   Learning the Quran helps children learn a sound education, as it gives them the opportunity to acquire good morals and avoid all bad qualities, as well as reconcile with oneself, deal well with others, reject violence and extremism, spread the right, and spread the teachings of the true Islamic religion instead of surrendering to extremism claims.   Learning the Quran from an early age for children helps to cultivate education in children and their love for science, and then more thought, awareness, and culture, and build a successful personality that achieves its goals according to a correct Islamic vision and education.   Learning the Quran early brings people closer to their Lord and gives him the opportunity to adhere to the ritual acts of prayer, fasting, and zakat, learn everything about his religion, know right and wrong early, and help his parents in education.   Also, teaching the Quran to children is considered an extension of new generations to come, as he will teach this matter to his children and this beautiful habit continues between generations, helping to establish good societies.  

The easiest way to teach children the Quran

There are many ways in which children can be taught the Holy Quran, such as exploiting children’s knowledge and knowledge to read and write and making them read and write verses properly and then memorize and master them well, taking into account the child’s level and level of memorization, understanding, and mastery, as well as taking into account the energy and activity and taking into account the difficulty of the verses. In some children.   There is a method of indoctrination for children, which everyone strives to follow, such as one who reads the Quran well through small verses in front of the child and makes the child repeat them in front of him, taking care that the child understands what he says and reads a correct reading, and follows up on the child’s response to the indoctrination.   There is a method of memorization over time, meaning giving him some verses and memorizing them over a specific time, not being rushed to him, and making sure that they are well memorized and absorbed until the transition to other verses.   And there is another method is the method of the righteous sieve, which used to divide students into groups, and at the head of each group is an instructor. When mastering any student, he becomes a reader.   Regardless of any method, the method that suits the student must be followed, in which the teacher finds that the student is comfortable with it and memorizes the Quran more easily.  

Other ways to motivate the child to memorize the Quran

  • There are many methods that help the student to memorize the Quran, such as playing a radio in front of him, loving him with the sound of the Quran, and making him attract him.
  • Also, among the things that endear the child in the Quran is giving him a Quran, for example, as a reward for doing something. Also reading Quran stories to the child and the story of many stories of the prophets and reciting verses that talk about those stories.
  • Making the child mix with people of knowledge and thought, especially in the Islamic religion, such as mosque sheikh or relatives who memorize the Holy Quran.
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