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  All Muslims know that the Holy Quran is the word of Allah that was revealed from Him to His Messenger (SAW), but not all Muslims know how to learn Tajweed. This Holy book is the guidance book for the Muslims around the World. We are here to know the ways that will help us to learn Tajweed.  

Quran with Tajweed:

Reading the Verses of the Noble Quran differs from any other reading. For that reason every Muslim has to learn Tajweed to recite it as it was revealed.  

What is the meaning of Tajweed?

“Tajweed” is an Arabic word from “Jawda” that means the quality, or to do better. The aim of learning Tajweed is to recite the Quran as did by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Tajweed in language is the improvement and mastery. and it is defined as the science that enables the Muslim how to pronounce the Quranic words correctly. This science (to learn Tajweed) also helps Muslims to pronounce as pronounced by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).   Our duty towards the Holy Quran is to recite it continuously with humbled heart, and to learn Tajweed.  

Our Tajweed course:

Rattil academy is an online academy that will help you to learn Tajweed correctly. This course is specially designed to teach Quranic Tajweed in a very simple and effective way. This Tajweed course with Rattil online academy shows the basic concepts and rules of Tajweed in a simple way. It also gives the student practical application of the ways needed to recite the Quran.   We can say that this great academy is your teacher at your home. The advantage of this academy is learning under the supervision of highly experienced teachers and scholars in the field. This is designed to improve your reading and recitation of the Quran. This course also will help you to attain Itqan level in how to learn Tajweed with continuous Sanad related to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Another advantage of this course is that it is suitable for both adults and children.  

Learn Tajweed in a super practical and easy way for all ages:

To learn Tajweed, you have to know what you will learn at the end of the course.
  • Learn correct Quranic intonation by developing a solid understanding of the basic rules of Tajweed and linguistic sciences behind these rules.
  • Promotion of intonation practice through educational videos that are easy to be understood, plus training exercises that help in illustrating the lesson in a clear and concise manner.
  • There will be no more barriers to your relationship with the Quran.
This will be clear when you get the confidence after correct and beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran, through some actionable steps.
  • Developing the basic intonation skills that will be easily applied when you recite the Quran every time.
  • There are no traditional training methods in which you study theory or memorize many rules.

Learning Tajweed will be easy if you learn it at the right way:

As we said before that the first step before reciting the Quran is to learn Tajweed. Some people think that learning Tajweed is difficult, but it is actually very interesting and fun. You will find it interesting and fun only if you start learning it at a reliable academy as Rattil online academy.  

What is the difference between Rattil academy and other academies?

Many online courses today depend on  giving lectures, and theoretical aspects of Tajweed, so they fail to effectively and consistently incorporate actual skill development that is necessary for learning. Don’t miss this golden opportunity and join the Rattil family. See more: Surah Anbiya.

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