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  Learn Quran Recitation Online, the Noble Quran the word of Allah revealed to our Prophet Muhammad – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – who is worshiped by his recitation, and protected from distortion and alteration. In order to motivate us to read it regularly.   The Messenger – may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM – urged his learning when he said: “Your best is to learn the Quran and teach it,” since mastering the Quran requires us to learn to read it and try to improve it, so how do I learn to recite the Noble Quran?  

Virtues of the Quran Recitation

The Quran also brought legislation to people in every time and place, and whoever refers to it, his life will be organized and he sees the light clearly and his life and days are blessed. Also, reading the Quran alone has great and great merit over its reader, so whoever reads the Quran will always be guided little by little to the secrets of the universe and creation, and the tightening of his system that has entrusted Allah. Glory be to HIM, its keys are in his great constitution, it’s reading and contemplation is great and great worship that many Muslims miss, unfortunately, their paths in life weakened in its wake.   Regarding the merit of reciting the Quran, the Messenger, peace be upon HIM, said: “The example of a believer who reads the Quran is like an artisan: its smell is good and it tastes good, and the example of a believer who does not read the Quran is like a date: it has no wind and tastes sweet, and the parable of a hypocrite who reads the Quran is like a fizzy:   Its smell is good and its taste is bitter, and the like of a hypocrite who does not recite the Quran is like the like of a chickpea.   And every letter a Muslim reads from the Quran has merit and a reward because reading the Quran distracts from backbiting and gossiping, so for reading it a great reward, peace be upon him says: “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah Almighty has a good deed and a good deed with ten times it Letter “.   To encourage the reading of the Quran, friends, and peers must meet to read and study it, and for this, there is a great reward, peace be upon him says: “Whatever people gather in a house of Allah reciting the Book of Allah and studying it among them, tranquility has descended upon them, and they are overwhelmed with mercy, and the angels will remind them of whoever has them.”   This is a great virtue that the Muslim tries to reach this great rank with all his good deeds, he tries hard and the path to it is simple, and by reciting the Quran the angels are next to him, guarding him with the mercies of Allah.   And if reading the Quran is of great merit, then how about someone who teaches the Quran and paves the way for reward and reward for children and boys teach them the Book of Allah, how to recite it, and how to memorize it. For if death comes to you, and you also, angels go to your grave, just as the believers go to the Sacred House of Allah.  

How to learn Quran Recitation online

You can learn recitation through the following methods: Listening to the Quran a lot by the good imams, or listening to tapes of the Quran taught along with tracking their reading on the Quran, to learn ways of reading the Quran, and to adopt one reader to make it easier for you to learn the rulings and not to be confused or distracted.   Registration in recitation courses held in mosques and centers specialized in memorizing the Quran, in which these rulings are taught and learning is applied recited to the teacher and the possibility of correcting the mistakes made by the learner.   Watching the Quran recitation lessons presented on the Internet, trying to self-implement, taking into account the alerts that are displayed, and repeating what you hear from the verses recited in front of you. Buying Quran books or Qurans that clarify rulings by adopting special colors explained in the footer or side margins of the page, which help in understanding and separating the ruling.  

Top Tips to Learn Quran Recitation online fast & easy

Many Muslims fail to read the Book of Allah Almighty on a regular or daily basis, and many passes by days, weeks, and perhaps months, and they do not read the Noble Quran except in their prayers.   There are those who cultivate work and preoccupation with life and its manifold paths and say I do not have time or free time to read the Book of Allah Almighty .. These are indeed false arguments, but they may make some people clear of conscience.  

Here we offer a number of tips to help you read the Holy Quran regularly or make you accept it:

1- Make for yourself a daily response from the Book of Allah Almighty. 2- Set a date for this rose .. either after each prayer or before bed, for example. 3 – Do not exaggerate the number of pages or suras that you read from the beginning so that you can continue. A permanent little is better than a lot. 4 – At least give you a page from the Holy Quran after each prayer. If you have the energy for more than this, then continue reading. 5 – Submit the idea to your friend or wife to help you activate it and remind you of it. 6 – Ask about a recitation session in the mosque where you pray frequently and participate in it.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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