How to Memorize Quran Online Fast & Easy

  Memorize Quran Online, many want to memorize the Quran because it has great effects on the human soul and on the soul of the Muslim, and therefore millions wait for the month of Ramadan to start memorizing the Quran because the month witnesses the many daily reading and attempting to complete the Quran several times.   Therefore, memorizing the Holy Quran in Ramadan will be a golden opportunity to memorize the Quran because it comes with the presence of the Coronavirus, which imposed on many people to sit in-home quarantine and this will save a lot of time to memorize the Holy Quran on the Internet easily.  

How to learn Quran memorization online

A Muslim should set aside four and a half hours a day to memorize five verses every hour, and this rule is applied throughout the month of Ramadan, the Muslim will be able to memorize the entire Quran in Ramadan.  
  1. Sincerity of intention is for Allah Almighty. It is obligatory for a Muslim to sincerely intend before starting to memorize the Holy Quran.
  2. Ensuring the correct recitation of the Quran by hearing online, so that the Muslim corrects the pronunciation, and this helps a lot in memorizing the intonation. One of its advantages is that it makes the process of forgetting the verses difficult.
  3. Determining a specific number of verses for memorization and repetition, which helps memorize more easily.
  4. Not to move from the daily prescription to others except after mastering it and mastering it, which helps to confirm memorization and read what has been memorized in the prayers, and waiting times.
  5. Memorizing from the same Quran.
  6. Understanding the verses and their meanings, and knowing the aspects of their relevance to each other, and this can be done with the help of some interpretations of the Quran.
  7. Reviewing what has been memorized from the Quran before starting the new section.

Top Tips to Memorize Quran online fast & easy

  1. Hearing good from a skilled reciter, and this is the best way to memorize it, faster and more accurately, with intonation, and works to correct words, and helps to capture the Holy Quran from the ears, which is better than capturing it by eye.
  2. The best way to memorize is the cumulative method, which is the repetition of the verses and arranging them in an orderly manner, such as dividing the page into five sections, each section three lines, and repeating the reading of the first section of the page to be memorized from five to eleven times, in order to draw a fixed image in the mind And evoke it when you need it.
  3. Copying is one of the most important methods, and it consists of copying the Noble Quran in an external reference without looking at the Quran.
  4. Repetition: It helps in documenting the page in the brain after the completion of memorizing the whole page. It should be repeated from twenty-one to forty times, and the repetition should not be like every day.

Virtues of memorizing Quran

The merit of memorizing the Book of Allah came in the Noble Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet through many texts, verses, and hadiths, through which scholars have derived the importance and merit of memorizing the Noble Quran, and from those virtues and the evidence for them from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of HIS Prophet the following:   1- The one who memorized the Quran from the people of Allah and his character: as the most important and prominent virtue of memorizing the Noble Quran, which is unique to those who memorize the Book of Allah or read it, is that he becomes one of the people of Allah in this world and the hereafter, and this is indicated by what Al-Mundhiri narrated in At-Targheeb and At-Tarheeb on the authority of Anas bin Malik – Rady Allah is on HIM – he said:   The Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM – said: “Allah has some of the people who are worthy of them. They said, Who are they, Messenger of Allah?” The people of the Quran said, “They are the people of Allah and I belong to HIM.”   2- The Quran raises its preserver: One of the most important virtues of memorizing the Quran is that it raises the one who memorizes it until he attains the status of the honorable angels, as it was authenticated from the hadith of Aisha, the mother of the believers – may Allah be pleased with her – that she mentioned on the authority of the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant HIM peace – that he said:   “The parable of the one who recites the Quran and keeps it with the journey with honorable honor, and it is the same as the one who reads and makes a commitment.”   3- Exaltedness of destiny in this world: One of the virtues of memorizing the Noble Quran in this world is that its companion becomes of high caliber, as he is one of the people of reverence and appreciation for people and imposes his respect on people for what he carries in his heart of the Quran. :   “As for your Prophet – may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM – he said: Allah raises up with this book some people and puts others in it: “It is out of the glory of Allah to honor those who are young, who are Muslims and holders of the Quran who are not immense in it and who are stubborn in it.”   4- The hafez of the Quran is blessed in this world and in the Hereafter: For the people of this world envy the one who has kept the Quran for the position he attained by preserving the Book of Allah.   5- The hafez of the Quran has priority in leading people in prayer: The Prophet – may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM – has guided his companions to present most of them to memorize the Book of Allah and read them to HIM, which indicates the priority and right of the Quran to lead people and that it is more worthy of it.   6- The Quran intercedes for its preserver on the Day of Resurrection: It has been proven in the authentic hadiths reported from the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant HIM peace – that the Quran will come as an intercessor for its companions on the Day of Resurrection so that they will bring it out of the Fire.   7- The one who memorizes the Quran ascends in the houses of Heaven: For he who memorizes the Noble Quran rises in Heaven by the amount he memorized from the Book of Allah, and the more he memorizes, the higher the levels of Paradise.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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