Chapter 8/ Al-Adhan (The Call to Prayer) 
ash-hadu anna muhammadar rasoolullaah 
I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah 
ash-hadu anna muhammadar rasoolullaah 
I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah 
hayya ‘alassalaah, hayya ‘alassalaah 
Hasten to the prayer, hasten to the prayer 
hayya ‘alal falaah, hayya ‘alal falaah 
Hasten to success, hasten to success 
Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar 
Allah is Most Great, Allah is Most Great 
Laa-ilaaha illallaah 
There is no god but Allah 
How powerful the call is! 
How beautiful the words are! 
Al-Adhan (The Call to Prayer) 

  1. Complete the following statements. 

C — 
1. The mu’adh-dhin calls out the five times a day. 

  1. Muslims then get ready to offer 


  1. When you hear the adhan, you should prepare yourself 


  1. Memorize. 

c— = 
Learn the wording of the adhan by heart. 
How Do I Perform Wudhu? 
The Prophet Muhammad ( ) said that a person’s prayer (salah) is not accepted if he is not pure. So, 
before praying a Muslim must purify himself. He should wash off the dirt, if any, from his body. A 
Muslim should make sure that his clothes are clean. 
Wudhu should be performed with pure water. 
The way to perform wudhu: 
1. Make the intention of purifying yourself for salah. 

  1. Start in the name of Allah by saying: dil ^La 

Bismillaah – In the name of Allah 

  1. Wash the right hand and the left hand three times. You should wash up to the wrists and between the fingers. 


  1. Rinse out the mouth three times. 


  1. Sniff water into the nose and give it a gentle blow, three times. 

Chapter 13/ How Do I Perform Wudhu? 

  1. Wash the face three times, from the hairline to the bottom of the chin and from ear to ear. 


  1. Wash the right forearm up to the elbow including the hand three times. Then wash the left forearm up to the elbow including the hand three times. 


  1. Wet your hands and wipe the head once from the hairline to the neck and back again to the front


  1. With wet hands, wipe the inside of the ears with the index finger and the outside of the ears with your thumb once. 

1 0. Wash the feet starting with the right foot, from the toes to the heels and ankles. Do this three-time. Remember to rub between the toes. 
1 1. Now recite ash-Shahaadah. 
ash-hadu allaa ilaahaa illallaahu wa ash-hadu 
anna muhammadan ‘abduhu warasooluh. 
/ bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship 
except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is 
His servant and Messenger. 
How Do I Perform Wudhu? 

  1. The correct order to perform wudhu. 

7 > 
Number the following pictures in the order in which wudhu should be performed. 
Chapter 13/ How do I Perform Wudhu? 
f B. Choose the correct answer. 
r c- 
While making my wudhu: 
1. I always wash my foot before my left one. 
(left / right) 

  1. I rinse out my mouth times (three / four) 


  1. I do not forget to say (bismillah) when I 

(start / finish) 

  1. I wash my face I wash my forearms up 

to the elbows including the hands. (before / after) 

  1. I sniff water into my nose and give it a blow. 

(gentle / hard) 

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