How to pray Tahajjud and relax your  heart

Do you know how to pray Tahajjud?

Here we will know all what Muslims have to know about Tahajjud. What is Tahajjud prayer? It is one kind of prayer that is done between Isha prayer (which is an obligatory prayer), and Fajr prayer (which is also an obligatory prayer). This type of prayers is Sunnah as done by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which means it is not obliged to be prayed. By knowing how to pray Tahajjud it is important to know that this prayer is preferred to be done in the last third of the night. Some Muslims used to pray Tahajjud as a part of their Fard prayers, which is a way to get Allah’s satisfaction and his reward. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught his people how to pray Tahajjud during his life and here we will know it.

How to pray Tahajjud prayer?

The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW) said about

Tahajjud prayer:

“The most virtuous prayer except the obligatory prayers is the one offered by becoming awake after sleep at night.” This Hadith describes the greatness of this prayer after Fard prayer. It is not easy for one to wake up from his warm bed _in severely cold days_ to perform ablution and pray, so Allah asks his angels “why my servant wakes up and cares about praying at this late time in the night?” Their angels answer: “Oh Allah! Your servants are afraid of your punishment, and also want to get your Blessings.” Then Allah replies: “They will get what they want, and i will protect them from what they are afraid of.” Before knowing how to pray Tahajjud we have to know that the first step is to put your intention by saying that you will pray 2 Rakat of Tahajjud (there is an opinion saying that you can make your intention with your heart without speaking). 1. Stand up straight looking at the position of your Sujood and say Allahu Akbar (Takbir). 2. After saying “Audhu billahi minashaitan nirajeem bismillahir rahmanir raheem”, recite Surah Al Fatihah then another Surah of the Holy Quran. 3. After finishing the second Surah, there is the time of Roku’ which is the bowing position, in which we say “Subhana rabia Al Azeem.” 4. Then to the standing position, then to Sujood in which we say “Subhana rabia al A’la.” 5. After first Sujood there is another one. In Sujood we ask what we wish from Allah as it is the nearest position to Allah. The first cycle or the first Rak’a is finished and there is a second Rak’a. 6. We stand up again to do what we did in the first Rak’a, then we sit for the complete Tashahhud. 7. Finally, we say on the right hand “Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullah” and also on the left. This will help you in How to pray Tahajjud. It is important to say that Tahajjud is prayed in the sets of 2 (2, 4,6, or 8 Rakat), and 2 Rakat is the minimum number. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prayed up to 13 Rakat (8 Tahajjud, 2 Shaf’ and 1 Witr). Tahajjud has a great reward from Allah so don’t miss it! Also Read : Sujood meaning and its great benefits

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