How to learn intonation method, or the science of intonation, idiomatically, is learning the method of reciting Quran verses and pronouncing their words as the Messenger, may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM, uttered them without badness or melody in reading.

As for language, the word Tajweed means mastery, precision, or improvement, and in this article we will present the ruling on learning the rulings of intonation, and tips that explain how to learn it.

How to learn intonation method

Ruling on learning intonation

The ruling on learning the rulings of Tajweed theoretically is considered a communal obligation, and the ruling on teaching it for common Muslims is also a communal obligation.

Meaning that if a certain group learns it, sin will fall for everyone, and if no one knows it, everyone will be a sinner. As for the ruling on applying the rulings of intonation when reciting the Noble Quran, it is an individual obligation.

How to learn intonation method
How to learn intonation method

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How to learn Tajweed

Download one of the applications for teaching Tajweed on Android for smart devices, so that lessons are at hand whenever a person wants to learn Tajweed or refer to it for review and more.

Listening a lot to the recitation of the Noble Qur’an with reflection, focus and scrutiny.

It is worth noting that listening to the sheikhs of masters for memorization, recitation and intonation, such as: Sheikh Al-Minshawi, Abdul-Basit Abdul-Samad, Al-Hosari, Al-Tablawi, Maher Al-Muayqili and others.

The psychological and physical preparation for reciting and reciting the

Noble Quran, as for the psychological ones, is the readiness of the mind to

learn, with will, contemplation, and sincerity in knowledge.

How to learn intonation method
How to learn intonation method

As for the physical preparation, it is made in the correct sitting during the

recitation, so that the back is straight, high and not arched.

This is to comfort the soul, which is one of the important elements of

correct intonation, noting that the breath is better and better for it to come

out from the nose, not the mouth.

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