Hadith on anger

Anger is a bad characteristic in any person, so all of us have to avoid it. To know about anger we will give an example of Hadith on anger. This Hadith on anger will give us a complete picture of the dangers in Islam, and how to avoid it. Before learning Hadith on anger we should know more about the definition of anger.

What is the meaning of “Anger”?

  “Anger” is an emotional feeling that results in negative effects which may extend beyond an angry person to those around him. It is possible for any person to feel angry; as it is a normal human feeling, but it varies from person to person in how to control this anger. In Hadith on anger, we will learn how to control your anger.

There are 2 types of anger:

We can divide anger into 2 types to facilitate its study, these 2 types are: 1. There is a mild anger that doesn’t make the person go out of his mind, and this is an acceptable type in Islam. 2. The second one is extreme anger that gets the person out of his mind. It has severe consequences that extend to those around him. This type of anger is reprehensible and Allah hates it.

How to control ourselves when angry?

Islam hasn’t left a problem without solving, and it has put in place easy solutions to facilitate our lives. When we feel anger, we must not leave ourselves to anger; as anger -like fire- eats little by little and makes the heart as a piece of fire. Therefore, Islam has put several things to exercise restraint in anger. This will be clear when we talk about Hadith on anger. 1. We must seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan; as Satan is the cause of all bad behaviors that comes out of people. 2. Total silence at the time of anger; as speaking at that time is the fuel that increases fire.

قال رسول االله صلى االله علیه وسلم:

( إذا غضب أحدكم فليسكت )

  The translation of this Hadith is: “If one of you gets angry, he must be silent.” 3. Changing the position of the angry person meaning that he has to sit if he is standing, and has to stand if he is sitting. This is the advice of our beloved Prophet (SAW). 4. Following the example of the Messenger (SAW), and following His advice, we must avoid anger. 5. Remembering the terrible consequences that result from anger. 6. Ablution; as anger is a piece of fire that is only extinguished by seeking refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan, and Ablution. Now it is time to talk about Hadith on Anger, and learn lessons from it.

Hadith on Anger:

فقد جاء من حديث أبي هريرة  أن رسول الله  قال: ليس الشديد

بالصُّرَعة، إنما الشديد الذي يملك نفسه عند الغضب[1] متفق عليه.

  The translation of the Hadith is: Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that: “The person who is strong is not strong because he can knock people down. The person who is strong is the one who controls himself when he is angry.”  

Simple explanation of the Hadith:

In This noble Hadith on anger the Prophet (SAW) alerts us to the necessity of avoiding anger; as the strong person is the one who controls himself when he is angry. The results of anger: The results of anger are disastrous, and sometimes catastrophic. 1. Causing many diseases such as high blood pressure. 2. Corruption of the relationship between people 3. Allah will be angry especially when there are verbal abuse and insults. We ask Allah to have mercy on us and guide us to the Truth. See More : Hadith on Fasting

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