What every Muslim has to know about
Freedom and Islam

Is there any relation between freedom and Islam?
Of course,
We can’t ignore the fact that Islam is the only religion that
concerns freedom.
Recently, more people repeated some questions one of them is:

What is the relation between Freedom and

This question was frequently repeated as a response to
the latest violence in the World, and of course there is a
strong relationship between freedom and Islam.
First of all, it is very important to say that Islam is the only
accepted religion by Allah, which means that Allah will
never accept any religion other than it.
These questions may be due to the big difference between
the western culture and the Islamic culture.

What is the meaning of Freedom?

Before knowing the relation between freedom and Islam, it
is important to know the meaning of “Freedom”.
It is the opposite of being a “slave”.
Freedom is the right of all human beings, and no one can
take away this right.
Freedom in Islam is much different, as it is not considered
a right, but it is obliged for all muslims.
The relation between freedom and Islam:
To start, you have to know that conversion to Islam is your
option, no one can force you to convert to Islam without
your satisfaction.
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) didn’t fight
non_Muslims to force them to enter Islam, but he raised
his sowrd only to raise the word of God.
Allah asked us to believe in him as it is the right path, but
he never forced us to do so.
Being a Muslim will never benefit Allah, and also being
Kafir will never harm him.
Some think that there is a relation between freedom and
Islam, but the fact is that Islam is the religion of freedom.
The best evidence for this is that when Islam entered
Madinah, it abolished salavery, by cutting the road to
“Nahr ar Raqiq”.
It also urged people to free slaves, and make it a source of
spending money.
And our God has freed us from the oppressors when he
There is a famous saying of Omar Ibn al Khattab when he
said “when did you enslave people, while they were born free?”.
This great phrase will pass through the years to teach all
people the strong relation between freedom and Islam.
Islam came to the world to eluminate it, give freedom to
people when they belive in Allah and deny any other God
except for him.
When Islam came, it made all womens free after being
This great religion also didn’t force its people to eat
specific food, or buy specific things except for things that
will harm them and bring no benefit to them.
We can’t neglect the role of Islam when it freed all
Muslims for their lusts, being related to your lust is a very
bad thing that will destroy your life.
So we have to make sure that freedom and Islam can’t be
separated from each other.
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